Someone for Me

By: Addison Moore



They say the day you fall in love is the most magical day of your life. They say that moment sears itself over your soul for eternity. You never forget true love’s first kiss; it plays again in your heart forever.

For me true love’s kiss came on a snowy winter morning. We wrote forever over our hearts with our lips. It was a miracle. It was magic.

And now, here we are just about a year later, already poised to move on to the next big step in our relationship and seal our fate as husband and wife. But are we really ready? Will we ever be?

The door rattles, and I snap up the cuffs and paddle and spin around to find Cruise standing there with not a stitch of clothing on—holding out a round, gloriously huge cake.

“For the love of all things chocolate.” My mouth falls open, and I don’t know what to drool at first.

He steps in and shuts the door, glancing behind me at the plethora of kinky equipment displayed, and—swear to God—Cruise Elton just blushed. He sets down the cake on the nightstand and presses his hands together like he’s about to get to work.

“Now”—Cruise snatches the blackout blindfold and quickly straps it over my eyes—“about cheating on those exams.” He pulls me into his bare chest and rides his lips slowly over my neck. “How far are you willing to go with this?”

I slip the blindfold up an inch and inspect him for a moment.

“All the way.”

And we do.




Bedroom or bathroom?” Cruise asks with his lids hooded low, his enthusiasm for all things coital tucked hard against my thigh. He’s holding back that wicked grin he’s been liberal with all night, while an entire swarm of bodies swim around us.

I glance over at Lauren and Ally cackling away on the sofa. Lauren thought it would be a great idea to throw Morgan and Ally a surprise housewarming party at their new apartment, only Morgan wasn’t that impressed once dozens of people flooded his living room while he was still in his boxers. My brother never was an exhibitionist.

“Bedroom or bathroom? I don’t know.” I tighten my arms around my fiancé’s waist. Cruise Elton is a god in training. No, wait—he’s already a god who is large and in charge of his domain. By domain I don’t just mean our bedroom, as most of our private exchanges take place outside of those four walls. And by large I mean, well, you know what I mean.

He has his dress shirt on and a slick tie that is the exact robin’s-egg blue of his eyes. Of course he’s wearing jeans, because he likes to keep his sense of style down to earth. This is pretty much his everyday attire now that he’s running his mother’s bed-and-breakfast full-time. She’s out of town taking care of her own bedridden mother, so Cruise is flying solo

“Sounds like you need a little convincing.” Cruise dips his mouth over my neck and gives a searing kiss that trails all the way to the hollow spot just above my chest. I let out a guttural moan, perhaps a little too enthusiastic for a public gathering, but the room is buzzing with noise, and I doubt anyone really cares about our quasi-carnal exchange.

“Hey, cool it, would you?” a male voice barks out.

My eyes spring open to find my brother glaring at the two of us. His black hair and cobalt-blue eyes are twins to mine, but I’d bet good money his dimples are a million times more adorable than the ones digging into my cheeks right now. Needless to say, I love my big bro to infinity and back. That’s how we used to say it when we were kids. We practically raised each other once our father ran out on us. Our poor mother was too busy trying to find a replacement daddy, so we were all we had.

“Come here.” I slip out of Cruise’s grasp and pull Morgan into a nice tight hug. “I’m so proud of you.” Morgan made Garrison University’s baseball team because he’s the best damn college player in the country.

“Would you stop with that?” His cheeks darken a shade. “I know you’re proud. And I’m proud of you, too.” He gives my shoulders a quick squeeze. “Don’t be a fool, stay in school, and all that cool stuff.”

“You ready for your first day tomorrow?” I ask while he scans the crowd behind my shoulder. Morgan can’t stand to be away from Ally for more than fifteen seconds, and I think it’s the cutest thing on the planet. Cruise and I are sort of the same way, I realize, as he reels me back into him and secures his arms around me like a seat belt.

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