Soul Fire(40)

By: Juliette Cross

“I want you.” Gruff words, his lips found my throat, licking at my pulse. “Right here. In your wedding dress. Under the moonlight.”

His fingers teased and circled my breast through the satin. My body responded, arching into his touch.

“Why don’t you take me then.” A husky challenge.

That was it. His hands were under my hem, hiking it to my waist. Fingers stroked between my legs, finding me more than ready. With a growl, he ripped off my panties and lifted me to the balcony ledge. With frightening speed, he unbuckled and opened his pants, then thrust inside me. The joining sucked the breath out of my chest. He was so thick and hard, I gasped at the sensation. Holding me flush against his body, I let my neck arch, my hair fly in the night wind. He marked me with possessive intent—hard, raw, and deep. Hanging over a precipice that would mean my death if I fell, I’d never felt more free and more bound. My soul soared while my heart remained captive by this man—my husband, my mate.

His lips found mine, searing me with the desperate need simmering through us both. I moaned. A familiar surge of ecstasy poured down my throat. Only Lucius and soulfire could burn through me in such a delicious way. His lips left a hot trail down the column of my neck as he thrust into me, again and again. His breathing ragged, he dipped his mouth near my ear. His words came on a rasping groan. “I love you.”

Our hearts beat in unison just as our bodies merged as one, falling over the edge together. I came with a cry, unable to hold it in. No answer came but the twinkling of stars hanging above us—a beauty too far to touch except in this moment of perfect harmony.

“And I love you.”

We clung to one another, still and quiet in one another’s arms. The melting sensation of soulfire flickered through my veins. A cool wind blew over the terrace. My mind drifted to the Morgon tale of Princess Morga and her dragon king, knowing their love had been true and deep. I smiled up at the stars. Fate had bound the dragon and princess as one, sealing their hearts with soulfire. Just as Fate had tied me to the man cradling me in his arms.

My gaze shifted to Lucius. He met mine. I swept a soft kiss against his lips, whispering the word that was branded on my heart.


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