Spearwood:Book One

By: A.S. Oren


The skin along my arm prickles as the hair stands on end. I rub at my eyes to force them open. The thing’s solid blue orbs peer into mine, illuminating the dark with a freakish glow. Its hands reach out for me. My scream reverberates off the walls, waking Amr. He lunges across the bed, creating a barrier between me and the thing. I grip his shoulders. I don’t want him to get hurt.

“It’ll be okay, Avalon.” He touches one of my hands.

The door slams against the wall, mom and dad rush to our aid. “Get away from my babies!” A light flows from mom’s hands just as the thing turns to face her. It screams and shields its eyes before rushing towards a black mass that covers the far wall and disappears into the darkness. The black mass fades away a second later.

She sighs, as does dad, and they rush to our side. Tears flood Amr’s and my eyes. Mom pulls me into her arms and holds me close. Dad holds Amr. “Was that a Watcher?” Her voice vibrates in my ear.

Dad runs a hand through his hair. “Yes. Why would a Watcher from Spearwood be here?”

“You know why! He wants Avalon.” I cry harder at the sound of my name. “Shh, Avvi. It’s okay. Mommy won’t let anything ever hurt you.”

“I didn’t think he’d send a Watcher for her. I figured Rosemen would try to retrieve her himself after what happened to Jade.”

Mom scoffs, “Jade only passed last week, and Oliver is in too much of a drunken stupor to try anything tangible himself. I thought his threats came from a place of anger. We were such good friends!”

“You and Jade were friends. I haven’t trusted Rosemen for years.”

“We need to move, this location is compromised.” She rocks me. A blanket of sleep wraps around me, but I try to fight it. What if that monster comes back?

Dad lies down a now sleeping Amr and stands. “I agree. We have no other choice. We can’t risk either of them getting hurt. Did you see Amr? He was using his body to protect her. They’re not even five, Ingrid. The Vox’s pull shouldn’t have awoken in him yet.”

“He’s her twin, Elex.” She lies me down in the bed. Amr wraps an arm around me as they cover us with the blanket.

“Loves, wake up, we have to go.” Mom’s gentle voice soothes me awake. Amr groans next to me and buries his head into his teddy bear. She takes the warmth of our blanket off of us and puts shoes on my feet.

I rub my eyes. “Where are we going, Mommy?”

“Somewhere safe, baby girl, somewhere safe. C’mon.” Mom lifts me out of the bed and has me stand. She then reaches down and lifts Amr, still sleeping, into her arms. I peer out the window. Orange and yellow cover the sky. She leads me outside to the car. Dad closes the trunk as Mom places us into our car seats.

They get in and Dad pulls out of the driveway.

People yell from the other side of the wall. I don’t like this hotel; the air smells funny. I bury my head into Amr’s back and grip at his shirt. Dad snores from the bed across from ours.

The cold falls down onto me, and I shiver, opening my eyes.


I turn my head to peer over my shoulder. Two of the monsters with the solid blue eyes hover over me. One takes my feet and the other my arms, forcing me to let go of Amr. He scrambles off the bed hiding like Dad has ordered him to do. A black mass appears behind them, covering the wall, as they lift me.

“Not today!” My dad yells, as he shoots fire into the black thing, and Mom’s hands glow white. The monsters hiss and run away. The black mass disappears. She pulls me and Amr into her arms.

“I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry,” she whispers.

It’s been two months since the last attack; maybe the monsters can’t find us at this cabin.

Amr and I hide under a sheet with a flashlight. Colouring books and crayons lay out in front of us. We should be asleep, but neither one of us likes to sleep anymore. I miss when we had all our toys and didn’t have to worry about the monsters trying to get me.

The door to our room bangs open, and mom rips back the covers. She picks up both of us, forcing me to drop my crayon.

Also By A.S. Oren

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