Stepbrother With Benefits 11

By: Mia Clark

Stepbrother With Benefits 11

*** Ethan

Heading back to our campsite is a disaster.  I want to be calm and cool and relaxed, but I just can't.  I really fucking can't stop getting pissed off at all of this shit that's been going on for, what, just a few days?

A few days is nothing in the grand scheme of life, the universe, and everything, but that doesn't change the fact that it's the first few days of me dating Ashley.  If the first few days are so fucking difficult, what do you think the rest of it's going to be like?

Usually I'd just quit.  It's not like I do this often, but if I know something isn't worth doing, then why should I bash my head against a wall trying to do it?  Nah, there's just no fucking point, and so I'd cut it out and move on to something else.

If you think I'm going to quit being with Ashley, you're probably new around here.  Like that Caleb kid.  Who the hell does he think he is, anyways?  I still don't know why the fuck he was wandering through the woods like that.  I guess Ashley and I weren't exactly hiding all that well, but I didn't think we were being too noisy, either.

This whole situation just pisses me off, and while we walk back to the campsite to return to my dad and her mom, I get even more pissed off.  It's not like I want to be pissed off, but apparently that's my default setting right now.  What ever happened to being happy and carefree?  Fuck if I know.

Our parents are there, and they're packing up some stuff, which confuses the fuck out of me at first.  It's sandwiches, I guess.  And a backpack.  They've got the fishing poles out, too.  I literally have no clue what's going on.

"Hey," my dad says, smiling at the two of us.  "Everything alright?"

Nah, it's not.  I don't say that, though.  I just grunt.

"Yup!" Ashley says, lifting her chin.  "Ethan helped me find the bathroom."

Oh, yeah.  That's what we were supposed to be doing before, right?  We did go there after, but my actual plan was to just drag her into the woods and have some fun with her.  I don't think that ended up going so well, but at least we found the bathroom after.

"We were thinking about heading out," my stepmom says, smiling.  "Why waste a perfectly good day just sitting around the campsite when we can enjoy the great outdoors!"

Yeah, well, that's a great idea and all, and I'd seriously enjoy it, too, except this issue with Caleb is still hanging over my head, and...

Wait.  Wait a second here.  Calm the fuck down, alright?  If we all leave, which is exactly what the plan is, then Caleb won't find us when he heads over here in an hour.  I have no clue why he wants to wait an hour to get this over with, but I guess it can work.  It'll work for me, at least, and then it'll also work for Ashley.

I'm guessing Caleb will get bored.  If he can't find us, then he'll end up forgetting about it.  Or I can make up some excuse, tell him it was all in his head.  Yeah, you know what, Caleb?  You didn't see me with my hand shoved into Ashley's panties and my finger deep inside her.  You didn't see me trying to coax an orgasm out of her delicious as fuck body, the heel of my hand pressed against her perfect fucking pussy.  I don't know what you're talking about, bro.  She's my sister!  That's just real fucking disgusting.

Maybe he'll buy it.  A guy can hope, right?  If we're not here when he comes by, it gives me more time at least.  Maybe I can figure this shit out and come up with an answer that doesn't completely screw me over.

Yeah, that's it.

*** Ashley

"So," my mom says while we're walking through the woods.  "What do you two think about splitting up and having a little mother-daughter and father-son bonding time this afternoon?"

I'm carrying two of the fishing poles and my mom has one of the empty cooler cases we brought, along with the worms Ethan and his dad got earlier, plus a few other things.  Ethan's carrying the backpack slung over his back and his dad has our food and a picnic blanket.  I'm not  entirely sure what we're doing, except it involves walking through the woods and also fishing.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ethan asks.

We've been walking in the woods for awhile now.  We climb up over a small ridge and the woods vanish ahead of us, replaced by a rocky hill, and beyond that an open lake.  It's hidden away in the woods, and it's not exactly huge, but it looks like it would take awhile to swim across it.

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