Storm:The Empire Chronicles

By: Alyssa Rose Ivy



I woke up with a start. I didn’t even remember falling asleep, let alone in a bed. The last thing I remembered was getting back in the truck with Vera while Slade drove. We were on our way to find the witch’s haven in Connecticut. We were going to find my mom. I thought over the revelation Levi had thrown at me. My mom was a witch. What did that mean for me? My Pteron side was clearly dominant, but did I have magic in me? The thought made my stomach turn. I pushed it from my head and turned my thoughts to the motley crew I was traveling with. I wouldn’t have chosen them myself, but we’d stop the witches together, even if one of them was my mom. I couldn’t worry about that. The Society and the world were at stake.

I sat up. Something was off. I was in my old bedroom back in New Orleans. The black silk sheets were the same one’s I’d stripped off my bed before leaving, and a stack of books sat piled on my desk. How the hell had I gotten back here? Levi. He had to have knocked me out or something to bring me back. But was that possible? He was strong, but not that much stronger than me.

I sat up with my feet off the bed. I glanced down. I was completely naked. There was no way Levi would have stripped off my boxers. Was Vera involved in this somehow? My body reacted to the thought of her. With everything else going on I shouldn’t have been thinking about sex, but I was. Sex with Vera.

But where was she? My room wasn’t big. Without bothering to find clothes, I wrenched open the closet door. It was empty. Maybe she’d left already.

I slipped on a pair of boxers before walking out of my room. Hopefully Owen was around and could explain what the hell was going on. He wasn’t supposed to move out until the end of the month.

“Nice of you to join the world.” Levi grinned from his seat on the couch. He was shirtless and eating a bowl of cereal.

“What did you do to me?”

“Uh, I think you did it to yourself.” Levi’s eyes twinkled with amusement.

“I blacked out and dragged myself back here?” I narrowed my eyes. “And where’s Vera? I sure as hell hope you didn’t strip me buck naked yourself.”

He laughed. “Vera? Was that her name? I thought she was Barbie #500.”

“You son of a bitch.” I lunged for him, but he blocked me.

“Whoa. Calm down. I guess that one meant something to you?”

“You know she means something to me. This game has to end. Where is she and why am I back here? I have work to do.” I struggled to keep calm. I couldn’t afford to transform and do something I’d regret.

“Are you okay?” Worry crossed his face. “I thought you had a late night, not lost your mind.”

“I need to go. I don’t have time for this.” I turned to head back to my room.

“You had your last exam a few weeks ago. Where do you need to go?”

“Exam? I haven’t taken an exam in ages.”

“Ok, this joke needs to end.” He seemed as confused as I was.

“You’re the one messing with me.”

“No I’m not.” He walked over. “I have too much bullshit going on with my dad to mess with anyone.”

“With your dad? You don’t even have to listen to him anymore.” After years of sitting underneath his shadow, Levi had taken the reins of The Society and with it the right to make his own decisions.

Levi laughed dryly. “Oh right. Just like you don’t have to listen to yours.”

“You’re the fucking King.”

“Shut up. I’m putting that off as long as I can.” He seemed serious and that worried me. I’d known Levi my whole life, and this joke didn’t fit. Something was off.

I knew of one person who would help me with him. “Where’s Allie?”

“I thought her name was Vera. Did you have a second one with you last night I didn’t notice?”

“She’d kill you if she heard you make a joke like that.” Allie wouldn’t put up with it.

“Who were these girls that have you so uptight?”

I walked back to my room and grabbed my phone. I searched for Allie’s name, but it wasn’t in there. I walked back out. “Ok. Joke’s over.”

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