Town of Chance: Sweet Caroline(6)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“I see. Anyone I know?” he asked, and she handed him a copy of the documents she finished. He took them from her.

“No. They’re from out of town.” She hated lying to him. She felt badly about it but it was easier this way. Caroline was her focus. That was all.

“Well I’d better get going. Have a good weekend,” she said to him as his cell phone rang.

“You, too,” he told her, appearing somber. She overheard his words as he walked away, answering his phone. “Felicia? Hi. Plans? No, I thought I did but sure, my brothers and I are free,” he said and she felt like crying. One thing she learned quickly around here was that men shared their women. Women were protected by men and watched over them, especially if they were single. It was one of the reasons why she liked the town and also felt that Caroline would be safest here. She still hadn’t spoken to Sheriff Gordon about her sister’s situation. Caroline wouldn’t be happy about the rules here. She hadn’t been happy about them either but once she learned that men didn’t just pick a woman to protect and then expect her to fall in bed with them, she was fine. There were plenty of single men and women around the town. She had to admit, watching her friends like Marlena look so happy and feel so protected, she couldn’t help but wonder if such a relationship would be the right fit for her.

She had been talking to her friends Eliza Grace and Missy Ann for a while about that, too, but they were just as busy and just as worried about committing to more than one man. She couldn’t wait for Caroline to meet Eliza and Missy. They were close to her age, too, and they were also trustworthy and sincere friends.

With thoughts of them, she headed out to her car to go home. That was when her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered as she got behind the wheel of the car and started the engine.

“It’s me. I’m five minutes away.”

“Oh thank God. I’ll meet you at the house. You have the directions?”

“Yup. All is good.”

She disconnected the call and sighed.

“Thank you, God. Now help us out some more and keep my sister safe. Please don’t let Cameron find her. Please.”

Chapter 1

Cameron Elliott slammed the beer bottle against the concrete wall. His friend Curtis grabbed onto his shoulders and pulled him back. Curtis needed to calm him down. Caroline disappeared three weeks ago, and no one knew a thing. Cameron was hot tempered. He loved Caroline but he was abusive to her and they all knew it and did nothing about it.

“Calm down, man. They’re going to call the police and have you arrested. Then what? Your old man will be fucking pissed at you. He’ll fucking lose it.”

“Fuck, I can’t take this. I can’t live without her.”

He pulled away and Curtis placed his one hand onto his jeans pocket. They were outside of the bar on the side deck but they’d drawn attention to themselves because of Cameron’s antics. Their other friends were pulling attention away from Cameron and him. That was what they did, covered one another’s asses to keep the others out of trouble. How far would they go?

“You don’t understand. I need to find her. I fucked up.”

“Yeah, you did fuck up,” Curtis told him, and as he thought about poor Caroline, the petite, sweet knockout of a girlfriend his friend had and how Cameron broke her arm, he got angry all over again.

Curtis grabbed his buddy, Cameron, and pressed him against the wall.

Cameron was drunk, really drunk, and even came to work today buzzed. As a cop he could get fired and put in jail.

“I know I did. I know.”

“No. I don’t think you do, Cameron. You’ve been nothing but abusive to her and she was the best fucking thing that ever happened to you. You broke her fucking arm. You forced yourself on her and she had to threaten pressing charges against you.”

“If I had the chance to talk to her. If she would just listen to me and hear me out, I know I can make it up to her and change.”

Curtis shook his head as he stepped back.

“You need to cool it, bro. You need to give her space and get your shit together. Come on, man. You’re a cop, a soldier. You need to do the right thing here.”

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