Town of Chance: Sweet Caroline(9)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“Charges?” Shelby asked.

“For assault and rape. He would have gotten away with it. It gave me enough breathing room to get Cameron to give me space so I could initiate my plan of escaping. I trust no one. End of conversation.”

Shelby felt the tears reach her eyes. Rape? Assault? Her sister hadn’t told her everything. The more she said, the more the idea of talking to the sheriff seemed to be the wrong move. She hadn’t told Max Gordon, the sheriff, about Skip for numerous reasons. They had to keep Caroline’s secret, too. She looked at her and felt the tears in her eyes. Rape? Assault? She just couldn’t help but feel so much.

“There are people I know. Counselors who—”

Caroline shook her head. “Not interested.”

Shelby felt terrible. She knew exactly what her sister was going through. It would take time, but what she feared most, just like she constantly lived in fear with, was the possibility that Caroline’s ex would find her. She wouldn’t push the issue of telling the sheriff. How could she when her own ex, was probably still looking for Shelby, too.

“I’m here for you, Caroline. Just remember that together anything is possible. So, what did the doctor say about the cast?” Shelby asked, changing the subject, sort of.

“I have another couple of weeks before the cast can come off.”

“Well Dr. Anders is great. He’s really nice from what I’ve heard from my friends.”

“Yeah well, I have to be smart. I can’t go to a doctor and I can’t work anywhere on the books. Not with Cameron’s connections. Hell, being a cop he can find out anything he wanted to. Which by the way, we need to get rid of those fake license plates and register the car in your name. You’re still using the fake last name, Walters, right?” Caroline said.

“Yes. It was the best five thousand dollars I ever spent. No one has picked up on anything so far.”

“Maybe I need to do the same. As soon as I scrounge up five G’s that is. I used most of my savings to help disappear, and the money I have with me I’ll need to help pay rent and support the house with you.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re fine. I make good money and can take care of you. We’re in this together, remember?”

Caroline looked at her. “I’ll need your help. I’m not so quick on my feet about lying. You would think after what Cameron did to me that I would be less trusting and even nice, but I can’t help wanting to be helpful and to be a little social. God, I hate this feeling. How the hell am I going to find a job with this thing on my arm, and off the books, no questions asked? Or to get it off by some doctor who is going to ask questions and want to document my information?” She looked at her cast and knocked on it lightly with her knuckles. “I don’t need a doctor to remove it, just a saw, a hammer, maybe a chisel. You’ll help me.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea. What if it’s not healed yet?” Shelby said, feeling concerned.

“It should be. I’ll even give it another week just to be sure. Besides, I’m thinking it may have to come off sooner because people might not hire me if I have it on.”

“That all depends on where you work. We can go out and see the town tomorrow and we can ask around.”

Caroline looked at Shelby with pure uncertainty in her eyes. “You’re sure it’s safe?”

Her sister was strikingly beautiful and her long platinum blonde hair stood out as much as her sage-green eyes and voluptuous figure. There was no way people wouldn’t notice her.

“It’s safe. I wouldn’t have lasted this long if I thought for one moment that it wasn’t.”

Caroline nodded her head and looked at her sister as she leaned back in the chair.

“How do you know Skip won’t come looking for you, or that he might know where you are right now?”

She felt her chest tighten and then exhaled. “I don’t think he knows where I am. He doesn’t have the same connections that Cameron does. Besides, I think he’s replaced me and probably a few times already, considering I caught him cheating on me more than once.”

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