Swirl Love is Not Forbidden(145)

By: Tamara Black

He tilted his head to the side. “Sure. Why?”

“I want you so bad right now.”

“Are you sure?”

“You’re really about to turn down some sexy time alone with me?”

“Of course not. I just…”

“I’ll tell you if it hurts. All I know is I want that cock of yours inside me.”

We walked upstairs together hand in hand. He made me feel like the most important and interesting woman in the world. Each time we made love was better than the last. As he fucked me thoughtfully and slowly, never breaking eye contact, I hoped it would continue to improve and that he didn’t tire of me. While I had his baby inside me, I still had doubts and concerns.

After we both came, we stayed in his bed cuddled next to each other. I ran my fingers playfully over his left nipple. He moaned quietly. His skin was nice against to mind and his big, fat cock thrilled me to no end, but what I really enjoyed was the fact he listened to me. All my fears came tumbling out one after another as the afterglow of our orgasms died down.

Beyond just listening, he added his own thoughts and observations to the conversation. He was unlike any of the men I’d been with in my life up to that point. While there was a chance I would meet someone better, I wasn’t a woman who liked to gamble. Ty the shy white billionaire was the man of my dreams. And he treated me as if I was the epitome of women for him. We were truly blessed.



After the pregnancy and her recovery, she helped me develop some strains that won the Cannabis Cup. Our son, Jon, was the most beautiful person in the world. His skin was mixed, but it was like he had the best of both of us in his genes. As he grew up, we taught him about marijuana and how to use it responsible - like not smoking until after he turned twenty-one to protect his early brain development.

Keisha was an amazing mother, wife, and all around woman. She truly made my life worth living. We had our disagreements, of course, but we spent a lot of time learning how we could communicate most effectively. Once the pot empire began to grow, I made sure she had equity in what she had helped build. I always joked that she was going to leave me someday when she had enough money. We had come a long way in twenty years.

“How was your day?” I asked as I rocked on the front porch of one of our houses just east of the mountains.

“Good. And yours?”

“Better if you don’t bogart that joint.”

She laughed, handing it to me. “Here you go. Is Jon bringing the grandchildren over for the weekend?”

“He said so, but you know him.”

“He’s turned out pretty well.”

I turned to look at her, never tiring of seeing her face. “He had a good mother.”

“And a good father.”

We both settled into silence, ready to enjoy the next chapter of our life together.

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