Syn:Sex Is Syn, Love Is Pain(10)

By: J Peach

“I know yo ass don’t. Shid, tell that bitch you don’t play with twat if it ain’t money involved,” Diamond advised.

I started laughing as I put on my clothes. “Bitch, shut up. I’ight, D, I’m gone, I’ll holla at you later.”

Diamond let out a groan. “Ugh, you finished for the night?”

My lips pursed together as my head nodded. “Yep, that performance was my last show for the night.”

“Damn, Syn, you should work a few tables until my set is over. You know I don’t talk to nobody in here but you. Tie this for me,” she held her halter straps around her neck for me.

“N’all, D. I can’t even do it tonight. I got a busy morning tomorrow.” I tied her top and then smacked her big fat ass, making it jiggle. “Now get that ass out there and make that paper.”

“Bitch, stop,” her eyes rolled before she laughed. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

We turned around to leave and Mocha was standing at the door looking at us.

“Damn, don’t yo ass know how to knock? Stalking ass. Come on, bae, let’s go,” Diamond said as she wrapped her arm around my waist and led us out of the room.

“Diamond, don’t make me slap yo triflin’ ass,” Mocha snapped at her before she looked at me. “Syn, some dude out front asking about you.” With that, she pushed past us.

“See, I’m gonna whoop that bitch ass before the nights over with, watch what I tell you. Stupid little bitch.” Diamond’s face contorted into a glare as she mugged Mocha.

Looking at her, I burst out laughing. “She gon’ whoop yo ass, D. Now you know yo ass can’t fight,” I joked as we walked from the back.

“Fuck you, Syn,” she looked around the place trying to find a crowded area. “Ooh, there go yo boy,” she pointed toward an area where one of my regulars sat with a crowd of dudes.

He glanced my way and then waved me over.

“I’ight, boo. I’mma catch you later,” I waved Diamond off as I made my way to his crowd.

Parker was a big time dealer in Indy. His crew pushed work inside the club from time to time. What he was like out on the streets, I didn’t know because our business never left the inside of the club.

From the very beginning of the seven years that I’d been working at Red Light, like most men, Parker took to me. But I didn’t treat him like most men, because not only did I dance for him, we’d had a sexual relationship during that time as well. However, that sexual relationship never went anywhere. Working there was my new start and a relationship wasn’t what I needed or wanted.

As I made my way over to him, I gave him a sweet yet seductive smile. To me, Parker was a handsome thirty-two-year-old man. His brown skin, pencil mustache, and goatee made the long, angry cut above his right eye and across his left cheek seem almost invisible. He stood about six feet three and weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds if not more. Compared to my five foot three frame, he was a giant. I liked that.

At twenty-four, I had encountered hundreds of Parker’s. They were single men that only wanted a good time, nothing serious. Parker was the same. However, with him things were a little different because just like he used me for his fun, I used him as well. He tried to get with me a few times, but I shut it down. I’d dated his type plenty of times so I wasn’t impressed by him. All I cared about was the fact that his money was green and spendable.

“What’s good, Syn?” He took a drink from his cup as his eyes focused on me. Then before giving me a chance to answer him, he glanced down at my duffle bag and then back up at me. “Damn, you ‘bout to bounce?”

“Yeah, I just finished my set, you’re late. I was looking for you before I went on stage, I was hoping we could’ve played before I had to leave.” I grabbed his wrist and looked at the red and black, diamond, big face watch. I stared at the time and cursed under my breath. I needed to hurry up and get my ass out of the club and onto the highway headed back to Gary. “Damn, baby, its one-forty-five in the morning. You real late,” I let his arm go, giving him a little smile.

“Yeah, I know. I just got back in town not even an hour ago. Shid, I came straight here to see you.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me between his legs. With a lick of his lips, he gave me a once over. “Come on, Syn, fuck with me.”

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