Syn:Sex Is Syn, Love Is Pain(4)

By: J Peach

I didn’t see how she was going to avoid King’s ass for six months or how she was going to keep him from finding out. Ebony may have said that she was no longer with King, but her ass couldn’t stay off that man’s dick. I was very curious to see how that was going to work and from the silence of the other girls and the looks on their faces, they were just as curious as I was.

“Girl, you sound dumb as hell,” Bianca told Ebony and we all burst out laughing. If anyone was going to say something, it was most definitely going to be Mom B’s ass.

“What?” Ebony looked at her, confused. “How do I sound dumb? That seems pretty smart to me. I haven’t been stressed since I left King—”

Bianca cut her off. “Baby, I agree with you. You’re very happy now that you’re finding yourself. But, Ebony, you can’t hide the fact that you’re pregnant from that man. For one, you two are always having sex. Do you not think he’s going to notice the changes to your body when you’re naked? You’re thinking about it now and planning on hiding this for six months, but that’s not going to happen. But hey, you’re smart, do what you feel.”

Bianca smiled for a moment before saying, “As long as I have a healthy grandbaby, I’m fine with your decision. Oh, God, just imagine if you have a boy, that’s like two Blake’s. Lord let us pray she have a girl,” Bianca bowed her head and held her hands out. “Father God, I come to you today asking that you please bless us with a beautiful, healthy, baby girl that’s nothing like her father, oh, God,” Bianca prayed.

“You ain’t right, Momma, I swear you’re not,” Ebony told her as she laughed.

Suddenly, the garage door opened and Blake ran into the living room. “Mommy Peaches, Mommy Peaches!” He yelled as he ran to Peaches. Blake jumped into her lap and then tucked himself into her side.

“Blake, bring yo little ass here,” Blaze said as he barged in behind Blake, looking pissed.

“Hold on, Blaze, calm down! What happened?” Peaches looked from Blake to Blaze as she cradled the child at her side.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m about to beat his ass,” Blaze said as he made a grab for Blake.

Blake let out a loud scream, “Mommy Peaches!”

“Blaze, would you stop, damn! You see he’s scared. Just tell me what happened, please,” she pushed Blaze back, away from them.

I placed my elbows on my knees and put my face in my palms, watching them. These were the kind of times that I lived for with my family. They were nuts and I enjoyed watching their craziness play out.

“Scared, my ass. He wasn’t scared when he threw that damn ball at the back of my head,” he snapped. “Peaches, get the fuck out the way.”

“No. Wait, Blaze.” Peaches turned to Blake. “You threw a ball at him?”

“Yeah!” Blake stood up on the couch with wide eyes as he pointed to Blaze. “He, he, he threw the bottle at me and pushed me down,” Blake started to sniffle before he started crying. “He hurt me arm,” he cried as he showed Peaches his arm. “It hurts.”

I bit into my lip at his fake tears, his lil butt was a wonderful actor.

Peaches turned to Blaze. “You hurt his arm?” She was fuming mad. When Peaches turned her back to Blake so that she could face Blaze, Blake stuck out his tongue at Blaze.

“Father God, I come to you and pray that we don’t get another him, Lord!” Bianca started to pray again.

I fell back on the couch laughing my ass off at them.

Yeah, I didn’t see kids in my future any time soon.

Chapter 2


I felt my head fall back hard before someone touched my arm, waking me. I closed my parted lips before I covered my mouth to let out a yawn. Mentally, I shook myself, trying to wake up fully. The numerous students that had begun to stand from their seats caused me to groan out loud. I couldn’t believe I’d slept through the entire hour and a half of class.

“You okay?” Farrah, a girl in my class asked.

I let out another yawn before I started putting my stuff away. “Yeah, I’m good.” I was beyond tired. Having to work two different jobs on the same day on top of going to school was simply tiresome. “What I miss?”

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