Syn:Sex Is Syn, Love Is Pain(7)

By: J Peach

My head jerked back and I blinked a few times. “Hm?” I focused on her.

“You okay? Yo ass just zoned completely out on me. What's going on with you?” She handed me the blunt then sat up straight. “Come on, baby, tell momma what's going on?”

I let out a laugh as I held up the blunt. “I'm high, that's about it. Oh, and school shit. I really needed this damn pick me up—”

“A pick you up? Bitch, that shit had yo ass stuck. I was waiting for you to start drooling.” Missy broke out into a fit of laughter. Her palm hit my dashboard as she leaned forward, cracking the hell up.

Her laughter was contagious and a few chuckles left my mouth as I tried to compose myself. “Bitch, it wasn't even that damn funny with yo stupid ass. I wasn't even stuck,” I rolled my eyes at her before I reached over the seat and pushed her. “Stupid ass. That's why Yandy gon’ fire yo dumb high ass,” she said, referring to her boss and the owner of the salon she worked in. “Get the fuck out my car.”

Missy looked at me and started to laugh harder. “Damn, bitch, you real mad, huh? You gon’ put me out yo car?”

I couldn't hold it in anymore and broke out laughing. “You so damn stupid, ugh.”

“Girl, I'm so damn high. I got two more clients tonight. Ang, I think I might fuck they shit up and not in the good way. Man, I wasn't trying to get this high,” she started laughing again. “I think I need to get fuck'd or something to calm down.” She looked over at me and smiled.

“Bitch, I don't know why you looking at me. Shid, I ain't fuckin’ yo ass,” I laughed at her. My body shuddered at the thought of fuckin’ with her ass.

Missy waved me off. "Bitch, if we wasn't sisters and that shit wasn't nasty, you'd fuck me!"

I rolled my eyes at her. "Hoe, bye! Sisters or not, I don't play with coochie!"

Missy looked at me with a duh expression. "Yeah, that's because yo black ass ain't had my coochie. You dumb trick!"

My lips pursed together as I stared at her blankly. This bitch was dumb as hell and high as fuck.

Missy smiled wide at me before she held two spread fingers to her mouth. Quickly, she began to flick her tongue through her fingers.

We burst out laughing at the same time.

"Bitch, get the fuck out my car!" I pushed her against the door.

She leaned against it, laughing her ass off. Then she looked at me with her low, red eyes. "Ang, I'm high as fuck. How I'm gonna finish these people hair? Bitch, I'm gonna get fired," she started laughing again.

I stared at my bitch and shook my head. Hell, I didn't know what to tell her ass either. Shid, I was just as high as she was. I couldn't even front on my bitch, I was with her. I wanted some dick bad. That loud had my ass horny as hell. "Missy, call Mya to come fuck you. I'm about to go find me some dick. So get out my car please, man."

Missy looked at me and we broke out laughing again. “Girl, let me take my ass in there. I know Yandy ass and she'll be out here fussing.”

I raised my seat, sat up straight and started up my car. Then I looked over to Missy. “Alright, boo. I don't really feel like doing shit for real.” I was high as hell, but I really needed to get my ass on that damn highway and head to Indy. Chilling with Missy really set my ass back and that loud had me fuck'd up.

“Me either, but you got homework to do and I have clients to tend to. So get going and call me when you come out of your shell.” She reached over the seat and hugged me. “I’ight, bitch, get going. Love you, hoe.”

Laughing at her, I put the car in drive as she got out. “Love you, too, Miss.”

She closed the door and I watched as she walked into Plush Attraction Hair Salon. Once she was inside, I pulled off and headed home.


When I made it home, I didn't have much time to do anything other than grab my duffle and leave right back out. I had just slung my book bag over my shoulder when someone started beating on my front door. I left my bedroom, walked into the living room, grabbed my key off the table and picked up my duffle bag as the banging on the door continued.

“Angel, open the damn door! I know you here! I see yo damn car!” Kelley, my momma, yelled from outside.

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