Syn:Sex Is Syn, Love Is Pain(8)

By: J Peach

Immediately I let out a groan at the sound of her fuckin’ voice. She was the last person in the world I wanted to see. I threw open my door and just like I expected, she tried to walk in. Quickly, I pushed her right back out.

“What the hell you think you're doing? You know damn well yo thieving ass ain't coming into my house.” She had done lost her mind trying to walk into my shit. I turned away from her and closed and locked my door.

“Baby, I need yo help. I owe people some money and they said they'll kill me by the end of the day if I don't have it.” Kelley scratched her arm then wiped at her nose.

Looking at her, my face scrunched up when I took in her filthy attire. She looked bad and was disgusting to me. I was so focused on her appearance that it took a minute before what she said finally dawned on me. All I could do was laugh.

“Well, that's not my problem and yo ass ain't my business. If they kill you, that's yo fault,” I laughed harder as I put my stuff in the back seat. I was truly unconcerned about her and whatever might have been going on with her. “I don't know why the fuck you would come to me asking for shit. Honestly, I would rather see yo ass dead.” I knew my words were cruel as I pushed her back and opened the driver side door.

“Just let me hold thirty dollars and I'll be straight. Just, just give me that,” she was so fidgety.

I knew her ass was tweaking to get high. “I gotda go—”

Kelley grabbed my arm. “Wait, let me hold ten dollars. Come on, baby girl, after everything I done did for you, yo black ass can't let yo momma get ten dollars? You ungrateful bitch, yo ass gon’ give me my money,” she mumbled to herself as she tried to reach past me to get to my bags.

I yanked Kelley hard by her short, nappy ponytail. Then I pushed her to the ground. “Bitch, you done lost yo fuckin’ mind. You better get yo crackhead ass from around here.” I wanted to stomp her stupid ass into the ground, but I was already late on time. I had a two hour drive ahead of me and I needed to be in Indy an hour ago.

“Angel, please just give me ten dollars. I'll pay you back. Baby, I'm sick, I really need that money,” she pleaded with me.

My eyes rolled into my head as I got into my car. I started it up as Kelley stood next to my window begging me to give her ass some money. I turned Kevin Gates’ Go Hard on full blast and threw my car into drive. Quickly, I sped off on her as I headed to job number two. Kelley was already forgotten.

Chapter 3

Two Days Later


Seems Like You’re Ready, by R. Kelly blared loudly from the club’s speakers. This night was no different from any other as I lost myself in the music. My eyes slanted and my teeth gripped my bottom lip as I let my body wind and grind seductively to the sexual lyrics.

Sexily, I walked to the end of the stage. My hands came to my knees as my hips slowly gyrated to the beat. I stopped in a squat position and my legs came enticingly apart. My right hip moved up as the left one went down and vice versa, giving my movements a slight bounce. My legs closed as my body twisted to the side. Slowly, I came up and walked seductively to the pole. Taking hold of the metal rod firmly attached to the stage, I twirled around it.

I faced the crowd of men and women who surrounded the stage as I pressed my back against the steel pole, letting my hips roll as I went down. Getting on my knees, I crawled to the right side of the platform, my hand on the floor, my left leg bent. My hips pushed out, grinding, giving the audience the perfect view of my covered sex.

Money was thrown on stage, but a few men went for the more personal move. They reached for the red band on my thigh, slipping their money in it while some tucked it in the front or side of the red thong I wore. I gave a seductive smile then rolled onto my stomach, sensually pushing myself up. I then moved to the left side of the stage, giving the same dance and getting the same reaction.

Teasingly, I eased up off of the floor and went back to the pole. I gripped it tight, then using the strength of my legs, I climbed to the top. With a tight grip, I paused long enough to swing around the pole before continuing my sexy journey toward the top. With one hand above my head, the other underneath my butt, my legs spread as I swirled around until I came to the bottom.

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