Syn:Sex Is Syn, Love Is Pain(9)

By: J Peach

Holding tight, I climbed up before thrusting my lower body forward and wrapping my legs tightly to the pole. My foot hooked, keeping me upside down like I’d done hundreds of times before. I slid down the pole slowly, one hand going to the strings behind my head and pulling them undone. Coming close to the bottom, my feet gripped tighter as did my legs, stopping my movement.

I held the pole below my head and untangled my legs, spreading them. I thrust my hips forward, coming down into a split. The crowd always liked that and they let me know with cheers and wolf whistles as I bounced into my split. Lying down flat on my back, I flipped backwards, my ass rolled and grinded against the floor of the stage.

I sat up, never stopping the movement of my hips. I grabbed my red and black bikini top and then threw it out into the crowd before I started massaging my breast, pinching and pulling at my nipples until they were erect.

Rolling over onto my back, my hand slid into the front of my thong just as the song came to an end. Finally, giving each side a teasing smile, I removed my hand from my thong. I could tell a few of the gentlemen and ladies didn’t like that, but playing with my pussy for the crowd wasn’t a requirement. Besides, making them think I was going to and seeing the disappointed looks when I didn’t always brought a smile to my face.

After getting my money, I walked off the stage. Leaving the whistling and howling fools behind me, I headed straight to my dressing room.

“Damn, Syn! Baby, you was hot as fuck. I thought for sho you were gonna give a little extra out there towards the end, had a bitch sweating,” Mocha, another dancer, said while fanning herself.

I laughed at her. “I don’t know what made you think that. When have I ever given something extra out in the open?” I asked truthfully. Besides taking off my top, I never really did anything else unless it was in private.

“I know, but it would’ve been nice if you did. Bitch, you be hot as hell out there. Hell, you can’t blame nobody for wanting to see you play with yo pussy. You just might get a little mo’ paper tossed at you,” she tried to convince me as she looked me over.

My face quickly turned into a glare. “Mocha, get yo ass away from me. I do good without playing with my pussy for the crowd. Now if that’s what you want to do to get that extra paper, bitch be my guest. But remember, if you don’t show the crowd everything they might just ask for a private show. And you’ll probably get more from that one show than the dollas you getting from the hundreds that’s watching. Then again, what should I expect from a dolla hoe?” I smiled at her before grabbing my duffle bag with my bathing kit, my boy shorts, and my sports bra inside. “Nice outfit by the way,” I closed my locker and turned to walk away from her.

“Damn, Syn, you ain’t even have to do her like that. You know she like you,” Diamond, another dancer, said as she walked with me to the bathroom.

“I don’t care. How the fuck she gon’ tell me playing with my coochie for the crowd will get me more money when I can make twice as much doing a private dance than I can doing a live show? She could miss me with that shit,” I waved her off before turning on the water and washing myself up.

“So what, she was probably just trying to start a convo with yo mean ass,” she laughed at me as she washed herself in the next sink.

I was confused by that, why choose that topic to start a conversation? “If she wanted to talk she could’ve asked me about the weather instead of my money—”

Diamond stopped laughing and cut me off. “Syn, that girl likes you. She been here for a month and the whole time she’s been trying to get at you. Why else would she say something about you playing with yo kitty and telling you how hot as fuck you were? You seriously didn’t know?” She asked, looking at me like I was slow.

I shrugged. “Shid, I don’t pay none of these females no mind, so no I didn’t. Diamond, you know this, plus I don’t like coochie. Now if she paying, then maybe I’ll change my mind. But until then, I don’t have time.” I washed myself down once more then grabbed my little hand towel and started drying my body off.

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