Taulan (Dragons of Preor Book 2)(58)

By: Celia Kyle & Erin Tate

Her sparkling eyes met his and he thought he caught sight of joy lingering in their depths. “It can’t make me feel anything I don’t want to feel.”

“No. It imparts knowledge only. The genetic memory of the Preor. That is all.”

Lana nibbled her lower lip and stroked his chest, her fingers tracing circles on his pecs. If she did not stop, he would take the invitation she issued even if she did not realize what her actions made him feel.

“It can’t make me lo—“ A blush stained her cheeks and she snatched her hand back as she stared at her lap.

“Anything you may feel—anger, attraction, sadness and caring…” —love if the stars bless me— “Those are emotions that live in your heart. Nowhere else.”

“Love,” she whispered so low he almost missed it.

That single word, the wariness in her tone, had his heart lifting as it filled with joy. She would not mention it if she did not feel some hint of caring. He experienced more than simple caring and more than the beginnings of love. His mate was strong—stronger than he imagined a human could ever be—and he was proud to have her at his side.

“Yes,” he fought to keep his voice level. “Should you feel love—one that would match my own—it is pure. It is not the Knowing controlling you.”

“You…” Her eyes widened as hope filled her expression.

“You are strong, Lana. Wise and with an inner strength that outshines any Preor. You did not simply take what life gave you, you fought for more. You love without hesitation and your belief in me is firm. You accept my faults,” —his mate deserved a male who was whole, but he would not let her go “—and welcome my touch despite your past. How could I not love a female such as you?”

She glared and shook her head. “You talk about faults and I know you mean your wings.” She narrowed her eyes further. “I love you as you are. If you had wings, I’d love them. You don’t, but that doesn’t change my feelings.”

She stroked his shoulders and he wished her fingers played over the length of his wings instead. “You survived something that would have killed a lesser Preor and you fought to be the War Master of the Third Fleet.”

She stroked the line of his jaw. “I cannot think of a stronger, more deserving male than you, Taulan. And I’m happy to have you as my mate. I want to spend the rest of my life at your side and give birth to your dragonlets.” She wrinkled her nose. “Though you’re going to have to tell me how that works because on Earth lizards lay eggs and I’m human and…”

And he did not wish to hear Lana compare him to an Earth lizard, so he silenced her the only way he knew how—he kissed her. It wasn’t soft and sweet, but passionate and fierce and filled with every ounce of love that lived within his heart.

He, Taulan joi Lana Coburn, wingless male and War Master of the Third Preor Fleet, had a mate who loved him. Now he would spend the rest of his days fighting to become worthy of her love.

After he explained about dragonlets…

* * *

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