The Alien's Baby

By: Chloe Joel

A Scifi Alien Abduction Romance

(Alien Romance, BBW, Alien Invasion Romance)

(Astral Mates Book 1)

Chapter 1

Aris Corell stared at his father, Hydan Croell. He was listening to his father speak to him, but wasn't sure he really wanted to continue listening. His father was insisting he do something he wasn't sure he agreed with, or believed in.

He also didn't want a slave, or a wife, let alone both in the same woman.

They were standing in the main throne room in their castle. His family had controlled this throne and kingdom for over three hundred years, and Aris was next in line, as long as he had a mate to produce an heir with.

He wouldn't let his cousin claim the throne, she'd run their kingdom into the ground, but she had a husband. An unmarried heir couldn't take the throne, it was one of their royal traditions that had spanned thousands of years and no one felt the need to contest it.

Until now.

Aris wished someone had. He didn't want to be shackled to a shrew of a woman who would never leave him in peace. His father paraded woman after woman in front of him over the last few months and each one left a bitter taste in his mouth, more foul than the last.

Egocentric, bitchy, wanting to run the show, and many of them trained in combat, they'd challenge him every step of the way and Aris couldn't lead their people if he couldn't even lead his own mate. None of them were ideal or suitable for Queen.

A Queen should be a supportive mate, silent, strong in her own quiet way, making her husband look good and having his back instead of constantly challenging him the way the females of his city would be prone to do.

His father was lecturing him on trying to find a suitable mate so he could take over the leadership role for their people. His father was sick and he wanted to see him married by the end of the star year.

Aris didn't need or want a woman. He could handle leading their people just fine without them.

Bossy, bitchy, pushy, and always demanding, the only kind of females he liked were slaves, but that didn't even mean he wanted to marry one. But if he had no choice and had to marry a woman, he wanted the kind you could shut up and use when you wanted them, and could ignore them when you didn't want them.

"If you don't want to pick one of our eligible royal females, pick a slave, I don't care. Just find someone." His father glared at him and then started coughing hard into a cloth, leaving a stain of blood behind. "I want to see you married before I die. Do whatever it takes. Or your cousin will inherit the throne. We aren't changing thousands of years of tradition because you're too stubborn to pick a wife."

His father walked over to the throne and sat down hard on the seat, his color leaving his face as he grew pale from the pain.

"Yes Father," Aris said hiding his irritation with being ordered to find a female.

"Our slave ships are leaving soon to acquire the next shipment, take your pick of a female and see if you like her enough to tolerate her presence. Pick one who will be okay being a supportive role to you, instead of trying to push you around like our royal females like to do. You don't have to pick a female who is constantly fighting you for control of the throne." His father said. "Your mother was a slave, and she was the best companion a man could have asked for, and she served our people well."

"Yes, but mom was a rare exception. She truly loved you. I don't know many females who could look past the throne to care about the man. Mother was rare. Most females aren't like her, you got lucky Father." Aris told the King and shook his head. "I will find a mate, but I won't marry one I can't stand."

"Aris, you're a smart man. I would expect you to pick a woman you actually like." His Father gave him a stern look.

"Yes father. I will do as you wish. I will meet the slave ship when it arrives and go over the merchandise when it gets here. I hope that meets with your satisfaction?" Aris asked.

"Yes, but the doctors don't think I'll live more than a year, so please don't waste any time. I wouldn't even mind seeing your first heir be born before I die. If you don't pick a woman from this next shipment, I will find you a mate and you will marry the one I choose." His father coughed more, leaving more spots of blood.

Traveling to other planets often caused diseases to be brought back or sickness that they otherwise would not have come in contact with. His Father had liked to go hand pick a lot of the slaves they brought back and haggle with other planets and colonies on prices and finding rare and exotic women to bring back.

Their planet, Sertapa, had very little sickness and having advanced medical technology and space travel, they normally could handle most illness they got exposed to. Whatever his father Hydan had been exposed to, had left the doctors completely stumped.

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