The Chase, Volume 4

By: Jessica Wood



Maybe it was a mistake to surprise Dean. Maybe it was a mistake to bring my sister tonight without checking with him first. I could tell from the upset expression on his face that he wasn’t completely thrilled with my surprise.

But how was I supposed to know that Dean had planned a surprise for me as well? I sighed and felt disappointed that the night hadn’t turned out the way I had hoped. When I had agreed to surprise Dean and introduce him to Katherine tonight at dinner, I really wanted everything to go perfectly. I wanted my sister to love Dean as much as I had grown to love him over the last seven months since I’d met him. But from how Dean has reacted tonight to my surprise, I had a sinking feeling that the night wasn’t going to go as perfectly as I’d pictured in my head. It wasn’t difficult to tell that Dean was upset.

I took a step back from my worries and took a sip from my wine as I marveled at the transformation in Dean’s condo. The soft flickering flames from the candles scattered around the place seem to sway with the hypnotic jazz music playing from the stereo. I smiled at the sight of the dozens of bouquets of wild flowers around the room. I couldn’t believe he had planned such an elaborate, romantic night for us. It was clear that he’d spent a good deal of time preparing for tonight, so I could understand why bringing a surprise third person to this intimate dinner wasn’t something he had anticipated or hoped for.

I’ll make it up to him later tonight, I thought as my lips twisted into a small smile. I’ll make it up to him all night long. That’ll certainly make up for this.

As I took another sip from my wine glass, I realized that Katherine had been in the bathroom for a while. I headed toward the hallway that lead to the bathroom to see if she was okay. But as I got to the hallway, I frowned. The bathroom door was wide opened and the lights were off inside.

Where did Katherine go?

As I walked down the hallway toward the bathroom, I heard muffled voices coming from the bedroom. Is that Katherine inside the room with Dean?

I wasn’t sure why, but I reached for the door knob and opened the door without knocking. My body froze as I saw Katherine standing in front of Dean. There was less than a foot of space between them and there was nothing casual about their proximity from each other.

“Is everything okay?” I tried to calm myself and push away all the crazy thoughts that were running through my head.

But Dean’s face went pale as he stared at me, causing a wave of panic to overwhelm me at that moment. I saw guilt, fear, and shock in his eyes.

“Hi, little sister.” Katherine turned around to face me and flashed me a smile. She made no attempt to take a step away from Dean.

“What’s going on?” I looked at Dean and then at Katherine. There was a stark contrast in the expressions on their faces. My breath stilled as I waited for some sort of rational explanation to why I found them talking in Dean’s bedroom.

Dean went around Katherine and walked toward me. “Blair, this isn’t what it looks like.”

“Exactly what does it look like?” I spat out as I tried to hold back the tears. Dean’s words were coated with guilt, and I felt waves of anger and hurt fighting for my attention inside me.

“Blair, please. I can explain.” He reached for my arm and I took a step back away from him. “We—”

“We were only just talking, Blair,” Katherine finished Dean’s words. “Relax. There’s nothing to explain.”

“But why are you guys in here?” I felt the room spin as questions whirled around in my head.

Her smile grew wider as she walked up next to Dean and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Oh little sister of mine. Don’t be like that. There’s nothing to worry about. I saw Dean in here on my way back from the bathroom and I knew I just had to pull him aside to have a chat.”

“A chat? About what?" I tried to keep a straight face. This was my long lost older sister, I reminded myself. I didn't want to hastily jump to conclusions and offend her on the very same day I was reunited with her.

"About you of course! What ever else would we talk about?" She threw her head back in laughter and her perfectly golden curls pounced effortlessly in time with her movements. "It's not like we've met before to be able to talk about anything else. Right, Dean?" She threw her arm over Dean's shoulder and pulled him closer toward her, like they were best of friends as she beamed at him and then at me.

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