The Day Human King

By: B. Kristin McMichael

Book Two

The Day Human Trilogy


Devin Alexander was already sick of the sidhe. All they did was complain, including his bonded night human, Vanessa McKinny. Thankfully, she had fallen asleep in his arms, and he could enjoy a bit of silence. It wasn’t that he expected much more from her; she was now responsible for dealing with all of the sidhe, and he couldn’t help her much because they were terrified of him. After he’d taken away their magic at the end of her sham of a trial, most of them steered clear of him or ran away at the sight of him. He could walk anywhere around the palace and not have to deal with a single sidhe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same for Nessa. They constantly called on her for decisions about one thing or another. From the moment they’d taken over the sidhe, there’d been endless complaining. Nessa turned to Devin with her frustrations since he was the only one she could complain to. He understood … but the silence was nice. He could finally retreat to his own thoughts.

Devin was a day human stuck in the night human world. He’d spent his childhood surrounded by night humans who sucked blood to live, but never once had he been the one that others feared. He’d had no special powers, and everyone had always been more powerful than him. Until Lord Randolph had begun training him, Devin was the one who lived in fear. One particular night human had killed his entire family, leaving him paralyzed at the sight of night humans until he learned how to defend himself. It wasn’t a good memory, but one he would never change. He hadn’t known then what the dangerous night human world was, but now he was immersed in it. He didn’t regret his life, however. The night human world brought him Nessa.

Finally, Nessa was peacefully asleep. She didn’t want to turn people away—they came to her seeking assistance with planning and a need for help—but Devin did. They had spent the last few days running from assassins and fighting for their lives, and had almost died on several occasions. However, everyone had forgotten all about that, and wanted a piece of their time when they needed to rest. It was only hours ago that Devin was fatally stabbed, but that didn’t seem to matter to the sidhe. When dawn broke, the sidhe should have headed off to bed, but didn’t. So Devin thanked the people who were waiting and told them to come back another time before he whisked Nessa away. Luckily, their fear made them not refuse his request.

Once they were back in her room, Nessa instantly fell asleep. They both were so exhausted that they didn’t even have time to talk about the day. Unfortunately, the next day wouldn’t be any easier since they needed to get ready for the coronation. In fact, in less than seventy-two hours Nessa would be queen, and technically—since Devin was bonded to her—he would be king.

Devin gently slipped his arm out from under her head. Even though he was exhausted, he was feeling the side effects of all the power he had received. For some reason, the former sidhe king, Nessa’s grandfather, had felt it necessary to give Devin his immense sidhe powers. Devin was unsure how the old man had done it, but he could now feel the sidhe magic running through his veins and sleep wasn’t coming to him. Combined with the fact he rarely slept more than four hours in a normal day anyway, Devin was on a bit of a power high. There was no way he was falling asleep any time soon.

Nessa’s eyes cracked open as he laid her head on her pillow. He had hoped she would stay asleep throughout the night.

Devin leaned down close to her. “I’ll be back soon,” he said quietly. “I’m just going for a run to burn off my extra energy.”

Nessa sleepily nodded and tugged at the front of his shirt. When he leaned in closer and softly kissed her, she mumbled something against his lips, and then let go of him. Devin took in a deep breath of her flowery scent and stood back up, unable to believe that she was his. His world had been turned upside down the moment she saved his life by bonding to him, and had gotten even more confusing when he realized he wanted to be bonded to her. He wasn’t looking to fall in love again, but somehow she’d found a way into his heart. She was still Nessa, and that would never change, but something in him transformed. She was now his Nessa.

Also By B. Kristin McMichael

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