The Day Human Prince

By: B. Kristin McMichael

The Day Human Trilogy Book 1


Vanessa McKinny stood and reflected her brother’s second blow toward the small blonde-haired girl who had offered to change the world. Luckily, the girl’s guard had sensed Nessa’s brother Rhys before Nessa had, and he had taken the first blow. The second blow bounced off Nessa and back at Rhys, ending his life. Years ago, Nessa had secretly cast a spell on her brother that would reflect any death blow toward her back upon him, but she never thought it would come to that. Rhys was the ideal older brother and king of her people. He was fair and kind and devoted to the sidhe night humans. While Nessa had her own qualms with the night human tribes, she didn’t have to worry about her brother. That was until they arrived at the competition for Arianna Grace’s hand in marriage. Something about seeing the possibility in the girl brought a different person out in Rhys. He was no longer the brother she adored, but just another power-hungry night human bent on getting his way. Rhys had broken all night human protocols when he tried to end Arianna’s life. What Nessa did by stepping in was the only way to save her family and their honor. It also may have been the only way to save the young guard who was now lying on the ground, bleeding to death.

Nessa kneeled by the young man’s body as the blood continued to flow. It was coming too fast. He smelled appetizing, being that he was a day human, but it wasn’t hunger crossing her mind now. One thing night humans knew a lot about was blood, and Nessa knew that this would be too much loss for the man to live through.

“Save him,” Nessa demanded to the people around him. Nessa was still unsure how she felt about Devin Alexander, but she knew two things. She needed more time to figure it out, and she wouldn’t be getting more time if he died.

“I can’t,” the blonde-haired girl, Arianna replied. “I can’t use my blood because I promised him.”

“You let him save your life, and now won’t save his?” Nessa was angry, yet ready to beg if needed. Night human blood was powerful, and Arianna had the most powerful blood of all. Nessa had seen, only moments before, how Arianna’s blood could heal even the worst wound on a day or night human.

“Devin doesn’t want to be one of us,” the man behind her replied as Arianna could no longer talk. Arianna was weeping with a sorrow as strong as Nessa felt inside at the deathly-hurt Devin.

Most of the people present on the field had one thing in common. They were all night humans who lived on the blood of day humans. Devin was the only one there that wasn’t a night human. He was just a day human. He was fragile, and yet he fought beside everyone. Even being a day human with no extra abilities or strength, he could fight toe-to-toe with night humans. Devin was a truly amazing day human, and he didn’t deserve to die at the age of nineteen.

“What do you mean?” Nessa knew precious moments were fading away. Soon Devin would be dead. It didn’t take much to kill a day human, even one as strong as Devin.

“Arianna is a pureblood, and purebloods can create another by feeding on a day human and then giving them their blood. If Arianna gives her blood to Devin now, he will turn into one of us. He asked us never to allow that,” the dark-haired man beside Arianna replied, watching only Arianna now.

“Then you save him. You did it before,” Nessa replied. She wanted to slap sense into Arianna and her mate, Andrew, to save Devin. How could they just let him die? Devin had done everything he ever could to be there for Arianna. He had been her right-hand man for the past few years, and he had been the one who offered himself to her on the day of her turning, even though he knew it would end his life. He was prepared to die for her then, and was about to now.

“So that’s it? You’ll just let him die?” Nessa was shocked. She stood up and wanted to scream, but she didn’t. They were doing what Devin wanted, yet it seemed wrong. His life was slowly fading. She had to be able to do something. Nessa wanted to run, jump up and down, or just fly away. It was too unreal to comprehend. Even as all-powerful as Arianna was, she couldn’t save one day human. The one that mattered the most right now—Devin.

Also By B. Kristin McMichael

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