The Day Human Way

By: B. Kristin McMichael

Book Three

The Day Human Trilogy


Devin Alexander stared at the love of his life, Nessa, waiting for her to acknowledge what he just heard. Some unknown redheaded sidhe had just asked to court her. She wasn’t available for courting. Vanessa McKinny was his, and only his. They loved each other. They were bonded. Their souls were entwined for eternity. They could never live without the other. They had tried to break the bond but found that their lives were linked permanently. She was already taken, so courting wasn’t even an option. What more of a reason did you need beyond that to be considered the one courting her? Nessa didn’t reply right away. She didn’t even look over to Devin. Was she actually taking the redheaded oaf’s offer seriously?

“Yes,” she whispered.

Devin stared at her in shock. He had come to the sidhe village to free himself of her, but along the way he found that he actually didn’t want to be free. He loved her and wanted to be with her forever. Only moments before the stranger showed up, he’d just been about to propose marriage to her, and now she was saying yes, allowing some unknown sidhe to court her. Devin had thought they were on the same page, that she even loved him like he loved her. He thought she would say yes to him. Again, his life wasn’t working the way he expected.

“You know I can’t decline,” she added, finally looking at Devin, pleading with her eyes for him to understand.

He didn’t understand. Devin turned his back to her, not even saying good-bye, and made his way to the bridge leading to the village. He didn’t stop to glance at her. The love of his life had just told someone else that they could court her. Even if he didn’t know the exact details of what courting meant to the sidhe, he knew enough to know that it meant competition for Nessa’s affections. As Liam began talking again, Devin blocked out what they were saying and slowly made his way back to the palace and the room he shared with Nessa. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to be with her. Maybe fate was telling him that they were not as matched as Devin felt. The moment had been perfect, and he still didn’t get the chance to ask her to marry him.

When Devin walked into Nessa’s apartment, he began to look around the room for his things. He didn’t have much with him, as he originally thought this would be a short trip, and he placed it all in a bag. There were plenty of empty rooms in the palace, and he needed to get away from Nessa for a while.

How could she just say yes? Why didn’t she say no? Was it that hard to do? Devin had just told her how much he loved her, and now she was allowing another guy to court her. It was wrong, and Devin didn’t need to stay around to find out why she did it. His bag was packed when his friends Ronan and Turner entered the room only moments later.

Ronan looked to Devin and then at his bag. They obviously didn’t expect him back so soon.

“I’m not sure, but I take that as a sign things didn’t go well,” Ronan surmised with a grim expression. Nessa’s older cousin had been rooting for them from the day Devin arrived.

Devin shoved his last shirt into his bag and glanced up at Ronan. “Not exactly.”

His tone was icier than he intended. Ronan looked a bit hurt. It didn’t faze Turner; they’d been friends since they were children, and he knew Devin’s tone meant he was closing things out emotionally. Devin had a knack for being able to close off everything emotionally and just do his job. It might have been since he was raised by one of the most powerful night humans around who had himself lacked the ability to feel for others, or it could have been from his traumatic childhood where his family was murdered by a night human before his eyes. Either way, Turner knew that tone well. Devin was shutting down.

“What are you fighting about now?” Turner asked, pointing to the filled backpack. Turner, along with Ronan, knew that Devin and Nessa were a perfect match, even if they quarreled often.

“And where are you going?” Ronan added, getting over the momentary anger radiating off Devin.

“Going?” Devin echoed, as if he hadn’t thought that far yet. “I was going to find a new room in the palace, but I think I’d feel better in the village. I know a couple people there and hope that they can take me in for a day, maybe two, until I decide what to do next. I’m not sure where I’ll go after that, so it might take a few days to plan.”

“You’re leaving the sidhe, not just the palace?” Ronan asked in shock. A fight meant Devin and Nessa needed space, but moving on meant something else altogether. “This is serious,” Ronan told Turner, who nodded. They both realized the truth behind his words. Devin wasn’t angry about something. He was sad, and Devin didn’t hide that from them.

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