The Game Of Love

By: Terry Towers

House Of Sex, Scandal and Sexy Single

Chapter 1

~ Week 1: Janelle - The Mansion ~

What in the hell am I doing here? Janelle asked herself for at least the hundredth time since she arrived in Los Angeles from her hometown of Bangor, Maine. Oh right, I have no money and the two hundred grand could help finish putting me through law school if I win... If... That was the big problem.

Janelle looked around at the other five women who were sharing the limousine with her. She had yet to get to learn all of their names, but the busty blonde sitting across from her was named Bambi and ironically enough, she was a porn star. Janelle seriously doubted she'd be able to say that woman's name without smirking.

Sitting to the left of her was a slim, red-haired, high school teacher named Sandy. Something about Sandy gave Janelle an uneasy feeling. She seemed rather testy and too high-strung for Janelle's tastes. Sandy already made a number of quips at the porn star and they'd only been together in the limo driving for ten minutes.

The truth was, none of the other girls seemed overly friendly. Perhaps the fact that it was a game, made everyone seem very guarded and secretly competitive. They were all there for one reason and one reason alone - to win the two hundred grand. The premise of the game was to put six single women and men into a mansion and record their interactions for the span of a month to be aired for the world to see. There were two goals and two prizes to be won. The first was to be the fan favourite and be the last man... or woman standing after five rounds of eliminations.

But there was a second goal and it was to see a romantic relationship develop between the singles. The audience would vote on both the single and then the couple they liked the most. While the single would win two hundred grand, the winning couple would also win two hundred thousand, to be split between them, and added to that the winning couple would be given a house to be shared in one of their hometowns.

Janelle looked down at her dress. A black mini-dress that was too short in the skirt and the neckline dipped way too low for Janelle's liking. She was a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, always had been. Flaunting her body never appealed to her, but the producers stressed they wanted the women dressed provocatively.

My God, what am I doing here? Running a hand through her long, dark hair Janelle sat up straighter in her seat as she saw the massive mansion that she would have to call home for the next month come into view.

A series of ohhh's and awww's sounded from the women in the limo, Janelle being one of them. The house was simply magnificent, no doubt about it. Janelle's mind jumped back to her apartment in Bangor. It was a tiny studio apartment barely large enough for one person. If nothing else, she'd be living in luxury for a month.

The limo came to a halt and a doorman stepped up to the car and opened the back door. Janelle tried to remember the procedure upon exiting the vehicle, while attempting to calm her rattled nerves.

Bambi was the first to exit the limo. She walked up to the faint X marked on the pathway, flipped her blonde hair over her shoulder and smiled at the camera.

"I'm Bambi. I'm a porn star and here looking for a man with a big heart, not just a big cock."

"Cut! Redo" The director came running out of the house with a scowl on his face.

"Oh! I'm sorry." Bambi giggled and placed a hand over her mouth, giving the director a flirty smile. "We can't say cock, can we?"

Janelle rolled her eyes. You have got to me kidding me.

Bambi redid her introduction and entered the mansion, putting a seductive swing in her hips as she walked. The remaining girls exited the limo, one by one, until it was Janelle's turn.

Taking a deep breath in, Janelle slid from the limo paying close attention to how high the skirt of her dress was getting on her thighs and tugging it back down. Her lack of experience wearing heels made every step a struggle as she tried her best to walk gracefully. However each tentative step, made what she was doing seem like a losing battle. She made a mental note to practice when she had some alone time.

Raking a shaky hand through her hair, Janelle smiled at the camera and got an incredible urge to vomit. She was not an attention hound. She hated getting her picture taken and yet here she was her every action being recorded. Closing her eyes tightly, Janelle took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, giving herself a moment to calm her shaky nerves before she spoke.

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