The Good Goodbye(137)

By: Carla Buckley

Thanks to my amazing literary agent, Dorian Karchmar, and to the rest of my extraordinary team at William Morris Endeavor: Alicia Gordon, Tracy Fisher, and Cathryn Summerhayes.

Thanks, also, to:

Alan Siqueiros, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellow at UNC-Chapel Hill, who gave generously of his time and energy to help me build the complex medical world my characters entered. Any errors are mine and mine alone.

Kim Floresca, co-executive chef of the beautiful, fabulous [One] Restaurant in Chapel Hill, who gave me a glimpse beyond the glitter into the real working life of a chef.

Marghi Fauss, aunt of my heart, who taught me how to make bread from air, and Bryan Nelson, who helped me brainstorm scary business crises.

My gifted sister, Liese Schwarz, for profound insight when I needed it most. I’m so glad you put yourself within driving distance, always answer the phone no matter what, and remember what Barbie doll hair smells like.

My “sister” in Canada, Chevy Stevens, who lives too far away but is always there when I need you, despite distance and time difference. Someday, we are going to live on the same side of the world, even if I have to kidnap you.

My dear friend Jenny Milchman for so generously sharing your book tour, your wonderful family, and your wisdom with me.

My husband and soulmate, Tim, for being the center that holds, and to Jillian, Jonathon, and Jocelyn, who light up all the dark corners.

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