The Houston Trip

By: Jack Allen

Chelsea Chase had stepped into a tornado. She wasn’t sure what she expected in her first week at Gentry & Chapman, but it certainly wasn’t this. She was in the kitchen area near the back of the office, putting sugar and cream into a cup of coffee. She had been there since eight o’clock that morning, as she was every day, and that was her first break in three hours. It was non-stop.

She took a sip of the coffee, which was hot and invigorating. She was going to need it to keep up. When she agreed to that intern job, she was pretty sure it wouldn’t be much more than getting coffee and making copies. It was that, all right, that and just about everything else.

From the way the other women in the office dressed in short skirts with long slits up the sides, and snug blouses with the buttons open halfway down the front, she also got the impression there would be sex involved, a lot of sex, with Tom, or with whoever dropped by. What man could resist the urge with all that exposed, jiggly female flesh around him?

Chelsea put the mug of coffee down and added a bit more sugar. The spoon clinked inside the mug when she stirred. So far, though, there hadn’t been any sex, not even a hint of flirting between anyone in the office. She smirked and shook her head, and took a sip of coffee. Of course, it was crazy of her to expect that Tom would have one of the gorgeous, curvy women in his office bent over his desk, or on her back on the small table in the kitchen area, but she had to admit, she was a little disappointed. She had been hoping it would be her bent over her desk, or on the counter next to the copier with her legs spread and her skirt up and Tom’s huge cock pushing deep into her pussy.

If she had known this job was going to be all work and no fucking, she would have said thanks, but no thanks. The whole first week, Tom hardly even looked at her, barely said more than a “Good morning,” or “Make three copies of this report and two copies of this one.”

Was it silly of her to expect more since he had his huge cock all the way up her ass? Or was that just his recruiting method to get big-busted women to work for him?

All of that changed, though, on the first morning of her second week as an intern for Gentry & Chapman. It had only been two hours, and the pace was already more hectic than the last week. Her arms were loaded with folders and papers, which were hard enough to hold on their own, but with her huge breasts in the way, her arms were ready to give out. Her hair hung in her eyes and she was chasing Sheri Dockday around the office, trying to keep up with all of her instructions. If next week was going to be even more hectic than this, she was going to go crazy.

Tom Bradley came out of his office like he was his own tornado that blew through the door and tore down everything in his path. He had his tie in one hand and his jacket in the other hand, and when he rushed past the desks, the papers blew off like debris in the path of a tornado. He walked right up to Sheri, who was leading Chelsea to the copy room. She stopped abruptly, and Chelsea nearly bumped into her and dropped the files.

“Sheri, I have an urgent meeting in Houston with John Pinter. I need an assistant to fly down with me. Who do you have?” Tom said.

Sheri looked around. Her eyes settled on Chelsea.

“Chelsea, put those files down. I need you to go to Houston,” she said.

Chelsea’s mouth fell open.

“What? Houston?”

The next thing she knew, she was on Tom’s private jet, flying with him to Houston.

Except for the pilot and the co-pilot, they were the only two on the small jet. Chelsea sat quietly and patiently in one of the big, swiveling chairs facing Tom, with a small table between them, and a pleasant view of the clouds through one of the small windows.

Tom was busy, of course. He had a laptop, a stack of papers in his open briefcase on the next swiveling seat, and a cell phone to his ear. He was always busy. Since she had started working for him, she hadn’t seen a day when he wasn’t ridiculously busy.

Chelsea let out a deep breath through her nose. She felt helpless without something to do. He brought her along to be his assistant. Shouldn’t she be doing something to help him? She glanced between his legs. He had a good-sized bulge in his crotch. She smiled and squeezed her legs together. That was something she could help him with.

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