The Kept Woman(118)

By: Susan Donovan

"Let's wrap this up, Kara." Jack stood, letting his two daughters slide down his legs like he was an amusement park ride. "We've got some celebrating to do around here. The pizzas should arrive any minute, and that's good, because I'm starved."

Jack began to walk away from the table with the two girls still attached to his ankles. They screamed with delight as he dragged them across the floor toward the great room. Stuart, Greg, Lily, Simon, and Dakota went with him, talking loud and laughing louder, moving at Jack's slow pace.

"I wish Marguerite were still alive to see this," Sam said, wrapping her arms around herself.

Monte touched her shoulder. "She got to see her son make it to the Senate and she got her grandkids, Sam."

Sam nodded. "And she turned out to more of a teddy bear than a dragon lady."

"Who'd've guessed?" Kara shook her head in wonder. Five years ago, Kara was amazed at how Marguerite began to mellow, first when the twins were born and even more so after she married Allen Ditto, admitting that she'd had her eye on him for over a decade.

"Hey, you all know what tonight is, don't you?" Monte wiggled her eyebrows. Kara and Sam stared at her blankly.

"Pizza night?" Kara offered.

Monte scowled. "Friday? Last one of the month? Ring any bells?"

"It's D & D night!" Sam squealed. "Hold that thought!" She ran to the cabinet and got three teacups, poured a little into each, and passed them out. "It's not margaritas, but Jose Cuervo and I don't get along too well anymore."

"We got us some real men to comfort us these days," Monte said, laughing.

Kara knew that statement wasn't meant to hurt her, and it didn't. She'd come to understand that politics was the love of her life and always would be.

And as far as Monte went, everyone was thrilled for her and Roy, who would celebrate their second anniversary in February. Monte claimed Roy's work schedule of two weeks home followed by two weeks on the road made him the ideal husband. "When he comes home I'm thrilled to see him, and at the end of the two weeks I'm thrilled to see his ass out the door. If this marriage doesn't work, then nobody's will."

"I realize that none of us are the slightest bit depressed, but let's drink up anyway," Kara said, raising her teacup.

"To happiness," Monte said.

"To love," Sam said.

"To winning in November," Kara said.

The three clinked their cups together and in unison said, "To friends."

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