The Redemption of Roan (The Syndicate #2)(6)

By: Kathy Coopmans

“You’ve been following me for quite some time now, never showing your face. So why tonight are you finally allowing me to see you?” My entire body is shaking. I want to know why. I want this conversation over. I don’t like the feelings I’m getting inside of me by staring into his penetrating eyes. I could get lost in them and never find my way out.

I wonder if his eyes naturally sparkle or if it’s the different shades of light coming from the dance floor downstairs. He’s intriguing, this individual standing before me. And I’m so mad at myself right now for drifting away from the real reason I’ve approached him. Get back on track, Alina.

“When in doubt, just ask.” My smartass remark seems to amuse him when he reaches up and runs a hand across the scruff on his chin.

“I find you fascinating, Alina Solokov. I’m a man. You turned me down for a date. That has never sat well with me.” Reaching down for his drink on the table, those long fingers circle around the glass. I watch him and he watches me as he finishes it off, his Adams apple bobbing just so. Why am I not frightened of him right now? Why do I feel safe standing here talking to the enemy?

“Still doesn’t answer my question, Roan Diamond. Why are you following me? I already have one man following me around. I sure as hell do not need two.”

“Ah. Hugo. Yes. What an interesting man. Did you know he used to be an NFL football player?” He speaks as if he knows Hugo. Of course he knows him. Hugo wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t. Which leads me to marvel as to why Hugo has never mentioned him to me.

“Listen, Roan. Cut the shit. You and I know nothing about each other. So here’s your first lesson about the type of woman I am. I hate being lied to. I hate secrets and I’m not particularly fond of you or anyone else in your family, except Calla. The lives you lead, I want no part of. I’m going to ask you one last time. Why are you following me?” This time I step into his personal space. A few inches separate the two of us. I can smell him again. The warm sensual flow of amber and musk mixed with his scent of all man, light enough to send a divine chill all the way up my body.

“Go out with me and I promise to tell you why?” he smugly asks.

“I told you no before and I meant it,” I say trying to catch my breath.

He tilts his head. I swear I can see his pulse quicken in the veins of his neck. He knows he’s breaking me down. There’s amusement in his expression. Whatever it is about him that has me drawn to him right now, it’s a damn magnetic force and I cannot seem to pull away. Every thought I had of telling him no, to stay as far away from him as I can, went tumbling down the stairs I just climbed.

“One date. That’s all.” There is no sexual innuendo behind his words. He seems to really want to talk to me. Either that or he’s just as good of an actor as his brother was. Either way, I will give in to this one date.

“Fine. One date. I promise you though, if you try anything on me, if you’re playing some kind of game with me, you’ll be sorry,” I say, throwing him a stern look.

“No games, Alina. I will pick you up tomorrow morning at ten. And wear something comfortable.” He leans into me and grazes his lips across my cheek, sending an unaccustomed breath of anticipation rocketing its way throughout my shield.

Not even ten minutes ago I told myself he was a dangerous man. What the hell did I just agree to? I just said yes when I wanted to say no. When I should have said no. Shit. I have a date with the brother of the devil.

Chapter Two


Tonight couldn’t have worked out any better. I wanted Alina to see me. To know I was watching her. She threw me for an unexpected loop when she said she’s known all along I’ve been following her. Though it really doesn’t surprise me the more I think about it. Growing up the way she did, she was trained to always watch her back. That was one of the first things my dad taught me. Always have your eyes trained in every direction, keep your guard up, and watch people around you. Trust very few.

The protective part of me is downright happy as hell she watches her back, since no one knows where Royal is or when he will surface again.

Also By Kathy Coopmans

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