The Redemption of Roan (The Syndicate #2)(89)

By: Kathy Coopmans

“I’m right here.” Alina comes around the corner, her hair pulled back. Damn, she’s hot. She needs to keep that ponytail in. The minute they leave, I’m tossing her ass right on this couch, pulling the hell out of that hair and fucking her until she screams.

Cain spins around toward Alina while I smile at little miss drool face.

“Sorry to barge in, but Calla is in court all day and Justice will not take her hand out of her mouth and she’s drooling all over everything.” Cain’s tone sounds panicked.

“She’s teething, you dumb ass. Even I know that,” I say between laughing.

“What?” he calls out like he can’t believe people actually have teeth.

“Give her to me.” He reaches for her. I hand her over with a little wink. She’s a damn doll. Too bad she looks exactly like this fool standing in front of me.

“He’s right, Cain. Look at her.” Alina points to Justice, who has her hand shoved in her mouth.

“You mean she’s going to have teeth?” he says.

“Uh, yes. And she’s probably going to get fussy the minute it starts breaking through her skin too.” Alina rubs the baby’s hand and starts talking to her. My mind on the other hand drifts to her stomach, on images of her belly keeping our baby safe. God she’d be hot with my child. Fuck. There goes my cock. Hard as a brick.

“Hey, where did you go just now?” A snap of a finger in front of my face brings me back out of another dream.

“Did they leave?” I scan the room for Cain and Justice.

“Like two minutes ago. You’ve been standing there staring into space.”

“I was thinking how I need to get you back into our bed so we can continue what we started before dumb ass showed up.” I pull on the back of her ponytail, drag her to me, and lick the soft skin on her neck.

“No need for the bed. Fuck me right here.” Her hand cups my dick.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You have got to be kidding me.” This time it’s her turn to start throwing words around as she struts to the door and flings it open to . . . “Oh, my god. Deidre,” Alina’s sweet voice cries.

We haven’t seen or heard a word from Deidre since that dreaded night. After Alina came to the next morning, she demanded to see Deidre. By the time we went to her room, she was gone. Discharged herself in the middle of the night against doctors’ orders. For an entire year, her disappearance has been a mystery to us all. Her parents claimed she needed time to heal.

Alina has taken her absence hard. The not knowing is what has torn her apart for an entire year. A few times a week, she would call Stefan and check on Deidre. Only to be told she’s fine and coping the best she knows how. Everyone knew something was off. Things weren’t right. However, we respected their wishes. And now that I round the corner to see her for myself, I see why.

Deidre is standing in our doorway, holding a small baby boy who looks exactly like Beamer.

Also By Kathy Coopmans

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