Three-Way Tie (Neighborly Affection)

By: M.Q. Barber

Chapter 1: Alice

Alice’s tingling shivers started as Henry twisted her hair up and clipped it to keep stray hairs from catching in his knotwork. Her body belonged to him. A fact. No longer something to fear but a truth she breathed in and a peace she breathed out. Whatever stress she carried in the outside world dissolved in the tender strength of his possession.

“Hold still, please, Alice.” Henry grasped her shoulders and kissed her neck. Citrus and leather notes of his cologne floated around her in a heady mix. “If you wish to wear a harness today, you’ll stop squirming. Your excitement is driving me to distraction.”

She stilled despite her urge to tease her skin with the winding jute and Henry’s body heat. Every pass of the rope bound her lust tighter. Brought the still-new illicit thrill closer. Out in public with no one knowing what lay under her clothes. “I do want to wear it.”

Henry had practiced the basic ties for weeks as his fall project. Safety first, hers and Jay’s. Knots, arm cuffs and box ties probably filled Henry’s dreams. His intent focus never wavered as he claimed her with a simple upper-body harness design in rope he’d custom-dyed the deep green of his eyes.

“It’s just you’re touching me, and the rope is soft and shurring.” The sound, the slow humming caress, snaked through her skull. Urged her to lean into Henry. Fuck, she needed a distraction, or she’d squirm again and disappoint him. “And Jay’s staring makes me eager to offer him something to slake his thirst.”

Sprawled naked on the living room rug, Jay smacked his lips with a deep pop. His cock twitched, well on its way to half-hard. Impressive, given how often he’d emptied his balls in the last twelve hours. Hooray for Friday nights at home.

“Jay drank his fill last night.” Satisfaction crept into Henry’s tone, warm and thick as his cock. The crisp cotton of his shirt rasped like steel striking flint, kindling fire in her ribs as he settled the rope beneath her bare breasts. “He’ll be fine without a breakfast treat.”

Jay pouted. His sad, brown-eyed puppy face contradicted Henry’s assessment to perfection. Even his hair cooperated, cascading black strands slumping across his forehead.

She curled forward in a giggle fit.

Henry growled and tugged the rope, pulling her upright. His casual strength, his easy command, prickled her skin with anticipation. Jay’s bare chest rising and falling faster as he breathed deeper didn’t hurt, either. Smooth. Hard. A crunchy shell with Jay-sweetness underneath.

“He’s a puppy.” Her kissy noises drew Jay’s gaze from her breasts to her face. Poor boy, waiting in oh-so-difficult silence when her roping claimed Henry’s focus. Affectionate teasing would remind him he was loved. And maybe slow the pulse in her clit that jumped with every brush of Henry’s fingers. “He’s never full. He’d eat the house down if you let him.”

Jay snapped his teeth. His unceasing grin muted the effect. He’d always be the pup at Henry’s heels and proud of it.

“And that’s why our boy has rules to protect him from overindulgence.” Henry finished off his wrap with a knot between her shoulder blades and embraced her. A comfort, but a safety check, too. Slipping two fingers under the edge of the binding, he issued a satisfied hum and nipped her neck. “He’d drink himself into a stupor at your honeyed lips and laze away the day at your feet if I allowed it.”

Another day, perhaps. He didn’t say the words and neither did she, but she’d bet their thoughts aligned.

Their slouching audience scrambled into a proper waiting pose, feet tucked beneath his ass, knees spread and back ruler-straight. Head bowed, he showed off the perfect markers of submission. Sexy brat.

“Lazy? He’s as perky as my tits in this harness.”

“Do you think so, my dear?” Yum. Henry’s spine-tingling, oh-so-casual tone deceived with honesty. “Does the jute lift and separate?” He traced the lines of six-millimeter rope crossing her shoulders in a path akin to a racerback bra. “Does it harden your nipples to points begging for attention?”

No need to answer him, when said points dug into his palms. She’d wear the rope out of the house every day if he’d let her. Stress reduction. The HR department at work would love that.

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