To Love and to Lose(10)

By: Mercy B

“Hello.” He asked the caller.

“Yeah, can you put Saydee on the phone?” Ava spoke, displeased with Leon’s presence.

“Hold on.” He smirked, giving Saydee her cell. It was no secret that Ava despised him.

He was so controlling. It was against the rules for Saydee to pick up her cell while in his presence. Either he was answering, or no one was. He was well aware of how many games women played. They’d save men numbers under their girlfriend’s names, and swear they were faithful. Leon wasn’t having that. To be certain about everything, he was the one to answer Saydee’s calls.

See you later, Saydee.” Leon kissed her cheek, causing the bruise that decorated it to burn.

“Saydee.” Ava yelled into the phone, grabbing Saydee’s attention. She’d been too busy making sure that Leon left this time.

“He came back for his gym bag.” Saydee explained. “I have to get out of here.”

Finally, she could tend to her arm that was hurting. “I think that I have a broken arm.” She admitted.

“Oh God. Give it 20 minutes, and then take a run for it. Someone will be waiting on the street after yours. Once you get in the car, ditch that damn phone. You can get another once you get here. Don’t worry about anything. Everything is handled.”

“Thank you, Ava. Thank you so much. I’m really done. I promise you won’t regret this.”

“I know I won’t. See you when you get here. Just print your boarding pass at the airport. You won’t be coming to the M, immediately. You’re taking a detour.” Ava explained.

“But why, I’m ready…”

“I know, but the ticket is in your name, and we have to throw him off. I’ll be meeting you at your destination, and we’re flying back. I’m on my way to the airport as we speak.”

“Okay. See you.”

“Call me from a pay phone if you need me. If you don’t feel comfortable, go get you one of those to-go phones.” She insisted.

“I’ll do that.” Saydee thought.

“I love you.”

“I love you!”

Making her way back up the stairs after ending their call, Saydee raced to her bank. Since moving into their house, she’d been saving coins. Emptying the entire bank out, she searched for the many dollar pieces that she had collected over time. Saydee was amazed at how much change she had saved over the years. If she had time, she’d cash it all in, but she couldn’t.

After fifteen minutes of digging, Saydee stood to her feet, and pulled herself together. She had a total of eighty-three dollars, including some quarters that added up to be dollars. If she could hold more, she would’ve, but she was ready to get the hell out of dodge.

Figuring that twenty-minutes had passed, she grabbed her purse, and jetted for the door. Stepping out, she made sure the coast was clear. Dashing, Saydee went across their neatly trimmed lawn. Never looking back, she ran full speed ahead until she reached her next street –never minding the pain that was threatening to pull her down.


“What are you doing?” Compton asked as he watched Ava gather her things, frantically.

“I need to go! My friend needs me.” she said, tears in her eyes.

Although she waited for this day, she dreaded it as well. For Saydee to consider herself fed up, Leon must’ve really gotten beside himself. Never, had Saydee even considered leaving. Ava was almost afraid to see what her friend would look like.

“What do you mean your friend needs you?”

“Just what I said Comp.” Frustrated, she threw her Tiffany’s box into her purse.

“What friend, though?” Compton stood as well.

“Saydee. What other friend?” Ava asked.

“Damn, she cool?” Compton knew Saydee’s situation.

Ava had confided in him about it. It wasn’t his business, but he wanted to off the nigga she was fucking with after hearing the foul shit that he’d done to her. Coming from an abusive home, he couldn’t stand the thought of a man preying on the weak. It was a bitch move, and if they ever crossed paths, it would be bloodshed.

“I hope so. She sounds so tired.” Ava hated to admit, but it was the truth. “I’m so glad that she’s trying to get out of there.”

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