To Love and to Lose(2)

By: Mercy B

“Okay.” It was the only answer that kept Leon from going off. Lately, anything that came out of Saydee’s mouth was the incorrect thing to say.

“I’ll see you later. I love you Saydee.” Leon was headed towards the door.

Saydee may have been a fool, but she was well aware of the danger that she was putting herself in. For this reason, she tried to minimized the damage. Although she had fallen out of love with Leon, she still loved him to some degree. With this being, whenever she replied to his love quotes, she always spoke of the love she would carry around for him forever. She never spoke of her being in love, because she simply wasn’t. Saydee was just that type of person. Once she loved you, she’d always love you.

“Love you, too.” She nearly whispered.

With that, he was gone.

Picking herself up from the floor, Saydee hurried to the bathroom. There wasn’t much she could do to sojourn the pain that resided in her abdomen area, but she fought through it. For the very first time, Saydee wanted out. She’d promised herself that when she was ready, she’d walk. Incessantly, she’d tried to wait around for Leon to change, but things only got worse. Saydee stayed simply because she wasn’t tired, yet.

Leon’s mother, Lauren, had told Saydee that she’d have to get tired in order for her to get going. Today was that day. A smile spread across Saydee’s face as she scrubbed her body with passion fruit body wash. Blood littered the base of the tub as she showered. It was a painful sight, but Saydee couldn’t focus on the pain. She had a daunting task ahead of her, escaping.

Refusing to waste anymore time washing away Leon’s scummy germs from her beautiful body, Saydee exited the shower. Grabbing a pair of underwear from her walk-in closet of hers, Saydee placed a pad on the crouch area –before pulling them up. Throwing a red loose fitted tee over her head and a pair of Forever 21 jeans, Saydee searched for the most comfortable shoes she could find. Deciding on a pair of Wallabees, she placed her feet into them.

Stepping back into the bedroom, Saydee retrieved her cell and sat on the bed. Even through the gloom, hope soared through her body as she dialed the only number that Leon hadn’t erased from her cell. Through thick and thin, Saydee knew that she could depend on her single contact. It had even been stated that whenever Saydee was truly fed up, she’d book her flight and bring her straight to the M. There, she could live the life that she deserved without the restraints of Leon Murphy.

Waiting for the phone to ring, Saydee closed her eyes and thanked God for sparing her once again. There had been so many times that she thought she’d die from the treacherous beatings that Leon could produce. With closed fist and hard kicks, he was a mad man when he got into his moods. Saydee would be sore for weeks after one of his episodes.

“Hello,” Saydee hadn’t even realized that her call had been connected. Both of her jaws ached as she opened her mouth to speak, never minding the tenderness.

“Ava, I need you. I’m ready.”


With a firm grip, Ava twisted the wheel of her 7-series BMW. Observing the green of the grass, chirping of birds, and the chatter amongst the neighbors, Ava smiled. It was almost summer. For the strangest reason, summer was always Ava’s favorite season. Even with her birthday landing in January, her heart rested with the warm weather the summer brought along with it.

The buzzing sound that emitted from the cup holder commenced just as the tunes through Ava’s radio halted, signaling an incoming call. Instantaneously, Ava’s eyes darted to the screen located on her dash. COMPTON scrolled across the monitor, with huge red hearts. Jitter bugs swarmed Ava’s midsection as the racing of her heart begin to overwhelm her.

Eradicating one hand from the steering wheel, Ava pressed the green button on her dash, answering the call. After the connection had been established, the alluring voice of most sought after bachelor came brewing through the speakers. Straightaway, Ava knew that she’d need to run home to change her undies.

“Av,” Compton cooed. “Where you at, baby girl? I’m hungry, mane.” The down south slang that flowed from his lips couldn’t be mistaken. He was Memphis, all day and night.

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