To Love and to Lose(3)

By: Mercy B

“I’m near Poplar, Comp. I had to pick up my cap and gown.”

In conclusion to Ava’s college experience, she was finally walking across the stage. In just three days, she’d be an official college graduate. The University of Memphis had been good to her, but she was over the entire college thing. Studying overtime, dance, cheer, and volleyball had worn her completely out. Sadly, she had gotten a college degree just to say that she’d gotten one. Being that she owned a lucrative hair salon, hair care line, and extension line, there was no need for her to seek employment.

“Reason enough to celebrate. Meet me at Benihana. I’ll be there in thirty.”

“I was just about…”

Selena Gomez’s single, “Good For You” crooned through the speakers, causing Ava to look at he screen in front of her. Realizing Compton had ended their call, she shook her head and laughed. Picking up her cell, she unlocked it before dialing him back. Just as she thought, he neglected to answer.

Ava was sure that he’d seen her dial him back. He could be so stubborn at times. As a single woman, one would’ve thought that she had a man. Hell, Ava even felt like she had one. Compton was the most eligible bachelor, but he loved the thrill of chasing Ava. Even with an entire rolodex of hoes, Ava was his number one girl.

“I should stand his ass up.” Ava halfway joked.

Ending the call, she threw her phone back into the cup holder, and grooved to the music. Twenty minutes and a bundle of traffic later, Ava pulled into the parking lot of Benihana. After parking her BMW in the nearest handicapped parking space and hooking the handicapped tag around her mirror, she remembered that her mother was not with her. With a light chuckle, Ava removed the tag and threw it back in her glove compartment.

Pulling out of the space, Ava backed all the way back until she was in a regular spot. Now, satisfied, she powered off her car, took her cell from the USB cable, and opened her door. Stepping out, she saw Compton zooming into the parking lot. Putting a little pep in her step, Ava got out of her whip and slammed the door behind her. Looking into her side mirror, she checked her appearance to be sure that she was on point. It would be a tragedy to get caught slipping around Compton.

Smoothing her edges with her index finger and swiping the bit of lipstick smeared on her top lip, Ava was sure to look perfect by the time Compton stepped from his silver Rolls Royce. Although she acted as if she wasn’t paying attention, she could feel his presence –lurking behind her. A smile crept up the corners of Ava’s lips as she smelled the Bond No. 9 cologne that Compton rocked so well.

Compton slinked up behind Ava, placing his hands over her eyes, “Who is it?” he asked with a smile just as bright as hers.

“Hmmmm. Let’s see. The Game… maybe?” She held her laugh inside, knowing that Compton hated to be called or mistaken for anyone other than himself.

Besides, he couldn’t bare the thought of Ava thinking of any man on the planet other than him. He didn’t give a damn how many bitches he had, Ava wasn’t allowed to entertain the thought of anyone –if it wasn’t him.

“Av, I was trying to play around cause you always hollering about how serious a nigga is, and then you’re going to pull that.” Compton removed his hands away from Ava’s eyes and walked around her.

Concluding that she’d successfully pissed Compton off, Ava laughed inside. Just the day prior, he’d been an asshole, so she was paying him back. Besides, it was funny when he acted jealous. She found it cute, being that they were both single and free to do whatever they wanted.

“Wait… Wait… Wait…” Ava tried to hold in her laughter, but failed miserably.

She ran behind Compton as he made his way to the doors. Pulling him by the arm, she was met with rejection. Knowing that he could be the biggest brat when he wanted to, Ava played his little game. Running ahead of him, Ava spent around really fast and crashed her lips into his, sending an electric wave of unchartered emotions through both she and Compton.

Dead in his tracks, he stopped, grabbed Ava’s neck and pulled her in more so that she couldn’t back away. Never, had Compton graced a woman’s lips with the smoothness of his. However, Ava had him breaking all of the rules. With his free hand, Compton grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her near him. From side to side, Compton moved Ava –rubbing her against his hard on.

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