To Love and to Lose(4)

By: Mercy B

Pulling back, Ava tried to catch the breath that Compton had just taken away. For three months, it had been more of the same. Pure bliss. “See what the fuck you just did.” Compton grabbed his massive hard on and adjusted it so that it was less visible. “I ought to make you put him down.” He smiled, showing off the deepest dimples that lingered in each cheek.

“Don’t play.” Ava flared her nose at the mention of sex.

Compton always hinted, but he knew that he wasn’t equipped to give Ava what she needed. While Ava wanted to make love, Compton was cool with fucking. That was were the line was always drawn between the two. Because she was only 24, Ava wasn’t asking for a full blown relationship, she simply wasn’t ready. However, she refused to be another vagabond –seeking only to be bedded at least one night. Ava wanted a friendship that would eventually lead to more.

“There you go with that sensitive shit. A nigga just bullshitting. Come on big head, red!” Compton laughed. He’d given Ava the pet named simply because she had the prettiest face with the largest head. It was amusing to him that she hated for him to point it out, so he picked at her constantly.

“Yours isn’t much better!” Ava pouted. “I wished you’d stop calling me that!” she mugged Compton, pushing him backwards.

“Aye!” He warned. “What did I tell you about that shit?”

Compton wasn’t like most. Dissimilar to any guy that she’d ever dated, Ava repeatedly reminded herself of his rarity. Compton didn’t like putting his hands on others, and he hated for anyone to put their hands on him. As a child, he’d been abused by his father, which resulted in his zero tolerance to unnecessary violence. He was always on the fence, thinking that one day it would lead to more.

“You started it!” Ava folder her arms over her ample breast.

Womanly, Ava was. She didn’t have the biggest butt, but it was perfect for her. Without validation from the world, she knew that she was beautiful. Her high chiseled cheeks and deep dimples made way for the unique structure that her face partook. Ava’s skin was golden, almost as if she’d spent months in a tanning salon. However, she’d never stepped foot inside of such an establishment. With an Ethiopian heritage, her bronze was inborn.

“Come here.” Compton reached out and grabbed Ava, pulling her into his bosom.

“What?” she wined, an undeniable smile peeking out from behind her glossed lips.

“Don’t what me.” Compton laughed. “I missed you.” He stated, honestly.

“I missed you, too.” Ava replied.

A sinking feeling coursed through her veins as she was reminded of her reality. Fast paced, she was falling for Compton, without any ground near for safe landing. With them both being single, and Compton merely showing compassion, Ava resulted to the belief that she was falling alone. Even if that wasn’t truthful, she had no such evidence that it wasn’t.

“Kiss me, then.”

It was moments like these that kept Ava from staying afloat. Effortlessly, Compton was penetrating her heart, and she wasn’t too fond of it. However, the feeling that he gave her was like none other. He had gradually become her happy place. When she was without, she felt as if she was lacking. The undisputable thrill that soared through her limbs at just the thought of him kept her coming back for more. Compton was exciting, mainly because she never knew what she’d get from him. A wild card, he was.

“Here.” Without indication of resistance, she puckered her lips, stood on her tippy toes, and kissed Compton’s lips.

“Let’s go!” she pulled away, and turned Ava forward.

Ava’s body shifted as he held the door open for her to enter their diner of choice. Using his free hand, he patted the base of her butt, and then smoothed his hand down to the small cuff that she had been awarded with. Quickly turning around, Ava tapped Compton’s hand, swatting him away.

“Stop it.” She giggled.

Even with the absence of sex in their friendship, Compton had been granted the right to touch. It hadn’t been much long ago, and he was happy for the privilege. While Ava was concerned that her resentment towards sexual intimacy was the disconnect between she and Compton, she couldn’t have been more incorrect in her life. Her will to resist him caused him to respect her more than any woman that he’d ever come in contact with, besides his mother.

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