To Love and to Lose(5)

By: Mercy B

While the women that he encountered were of low standards and down to do just about anything for recognition, Ava could give two shits about any of their concerns. The diligence that she offered her studies and business didn’t leave much time for socializing or wasted time. There were days that she neglected to even pick up her cell to reach out to Compton. Whereas, other hoes were blowing his line down. Nothing pertaining to Ava was average, and Compton knew that he’d discovered a winner within her.

It was only his wish that he’d met her a few years off. With his hectic lifestyle, Ava didn’t need to be exposed. The dark side just wasn’t meant for women of her caliber. Compton snubbed the idea of wifing her due to one technicality. Whereas Ava felt as if the young bachelor was running away from commitment, he was only attempting to save her soul.

At 28-years-old, Compton had seen and heard more than average. Even with his involvement with the streets, he was slowly disconnecting himself. Upon entering the game, he’d promised himself a million. After that, he wanted another one. Pretty soon, he’d lost count of the ones he’d accommodated, and kept striving for more. Now, he was implementing his exit to secure his freedom and life. Both were still in tact, and he was ready to throw in the cards.

“First you tell me it’s cool, then you try to forbid a nigga. That ain’t cool, mane.” He chuckled, knowing that he’d shamed Ava. She was so reserved around him, and bringing her out of her shell excited him.

“Quiet Compton!” she placed her hand over her mouth. “I’m glad that it’s not many people here.”

“Shit, me too. I’m starving.” He rubbed his howling stomach.

“Do you want to sit in the lounge or get seated for hibachi?” Ava turned to ask Compton as they made their way to the host desk.

“Hibachi.” He smiled.

“Of course.”

Knowing that hibachi took longer and could be customized, he chose it all the time during lunch. Neither of them liked the vegetables that were inside of the rice, but in the lounge they refused to make any changes to the rice. For this, Compton refused to go anywhere near the lounge –unless they had just come to drink.

“Hibachi for two.” Ava held up two fingers.

“Okay, right this way.” Immediately, they were lead to their seats, and given menus that neither of them needed. As regulars, they knew their order already.

“So you ready to get up out of that thang?” Compton laughed.

“In fact, I am.” Ava replied. “I’m so over the entire college thing.” She humped her shoulder, and leaned her head to the side.

“I’m proud of you. You know that right?” Compton asked Ava.

“I do, now.”

As usual, Compton assumed that she was aware of his feelings at all times, which wasn’t truthful. Had it been, hearing him vocalize his thoughts and feelings were much better, still. Playing the guessing game with Compton just wasn’t what Ava wanted to do. If he was feeling a certain way, she simply wanted him to express it.

“I am. I’m very proud of you!” he nodded. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a jewelry case. The pretty blue box revealed its manufacturer before the piece was even shown. “Here. I got you something.” Compton shrugged as if it was nothing.

“What is it?”

Ava placed her hand over her chest to protect her swelling heart. In the midst of Compton’s gift giving, it felt as if it would pop out of her chest at any moment. Of course he’d given simple gifts such as concert tickets and other small trinkets, but this wasn’t diminutive as the others. Tiffany’s was a big deal.

“You’d just have to open it up to find out.” He chuckled, placing the box on the small section that was designed for eating on. He leaned back in his chair and placed his hands behind his head, loving every curve that emitted as Ava tried hard to control her smile.

Removing her hand from her chest, Ava laid it on the beautiful box before her. Her deep brown eyes glistened as she slowly peeled it back. Before her, sat a stony gold bracelet. From one end to the other, the fine piece was clothed in diamonds. Glistening like wet sand as the rays from the sun hit, Ava’s new piece swiped a bit more of her heart, handing it over to Compton without permission.

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