To Love and to Lose(6)

By: Mercy B

“This is… Its,” she tried to correctly correlate the verbiage needed describe the beauty of her bracelet.

“It’s a reflection of its owner, beautiful. I got good taste, huh?” Compton asked.

“Yeah. I mean, this is nice.” Ava picked up the bracelet.

It was cold to the touch, running chills up her spine. Marveling over the piece as she held it in her hand, Ava allowed her smile to tear away at her lips. If possible, all 32 teeth would’ve been shown, but she’d had a few pulled recently. However, the 30 that she had, were beaming.

“Thank you so much!” she laughed, trying to hold back her tears.

Ava couldn’t remember a man, besides her father, that had gotten her such a meaningful gift. Unfortunately, he was killed in Afghanistan just four years prior. It broke her heart into pieces, and since then she’d thrown herself deeper into her workload. Ava always thanked her father for her success. Trying to avoid the realization of his death drove her head first into her crafts.

“My pleasure. Where the hell is the waiter or waitress… Whoever supposed to be getting our drink orders in this bitch.” He looked around in search of someone to tend to his needs. Ava shook her head and laughed.

“What?” he turned and asked.

“Nothing.” She smirked.

“Here. Let me help you with that.” Compton insisted.

Handing him the bracelet, Ava stuck her hand out in order for him to clamp it around her wrist. Upon further examination, she realized that Compton had gotten himself a new piece of jewelry, too. In fact, it was a replica of the one that she was wearing. However, his had three rows of diamonds instead of one. Whereas Ava’s gave off a womanly vibe, his screamed man. Ava still thought that it was rather cute.

“I see you have a new piece of jewelry as well.” she noted.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “You like it?” he shook his wrist for the added affect.

“Yeah. Being that I like mine and they are almost identical.” Ava smirked.

“What are you trying to say?” Compton asked, finally getting the bracelet on.

“Nothing.” Ava shrugged. “Just making an observation.”

Compton knew exactly what Ava was insinuating, and had she called his bluff he’d tell her the truth. He’d gotten himself a new piece, and saw it fitting to extend his gratitude by getting Ava one as well. Absentmindedly, Ava had become his safe haven. When in her presence, the streets were temporarily on hold. Once more, Ava had the nigga breaking all of the rules.

“Is it a crime to have similar wrist wear, cause you know I hate the law anyway, Red.” He mushed her head and sat back in his seat.

Just as Compton was about to speak again, his cellphone rang. Pulling it from his pocket, he was tempted to hit ignore until he read the name across the screen. COOP, it read. Compton knew that he wouldn’t be ignoring his call. No way. No how.

Coop was Compton’s older brother. For the past five years, he’d been vacationing in Florida. He had a massive piece of land on the beach, and he’d spent years building it. Compton had gone down to visit more than a few times, but Coop hadn’t been to Memphis since he first took off for the sunny state.

It was exactly five years ago when Coop stepped away from everything that Memphis had to offer him. Handing his plug over to his younger brother, he took flight. For once in Compton’s life, he knew that there was a way out that didn’t involve jail or the grave. His brother was living proof. Four years his junior, Compton looked up to his OG. Without a father to be proud of, his older brother was the next best thing.

“Coop.” Compton smiled as he answered his cell. It was very rare that he spoke with his older brother. There wasn’t a specific reason, but they just didn’t talk much. To be talking to one another was a pleasure, on both ends.

“What’s good?” Coop’s smile could be heard through his voice.

His younger brother was one of his main sources of happiness. As children he tried his best to look out for him. He was busy raising himself, so there wasn’t too much he could do for Compton, but he felt that he’d done enough. In Coop’s opinion, Compton had turned out just fine.

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