To Love and to Lose(8)

By: Mercy B

“Are you okay?”

“I… I will be. I’ll be fine. Can you help me? Please. I can’t use anything that will leave a trail.” Saydee cried.

“I know. I know. Get out of there, now. Start walking. I’m sending someone to pick you up.”


With that, Saydee heard the line go dead. Without hesitation, Saydee removed herself from the bed, and headed down the swiveling stairs. With each step, it felt as if she’d torn a ligament. The pain nearly knocked her to her feet, but she was determined to keep going. Desperation penetrated her thoughts, not leaving room for much else. Soon, she could barely even feel the pain, mentally.

“Finally.” She commended herself for making it down the stairs without falling on her ass.

Trailing through the kitchen and into the foyer, Saydee took a look back at the house that she would probably never see again. Had she returned, it would only be if the citizens of the United States had been granted the right to purge. Leon Murphy’s residence would be the one and only that she’d visit.

Relief consumed her frail frame as she saw the front door. For the very first time, she was leaving her home against her boyfriend’s wishes. For the first time, she didn’t need supervision. For the first time, she wanted freedom. And for the first time, she wanted to put the life she’d built with Leon behind her.

Turning the knob, Saydee nearly fell to the floor as the door was pushed open. “What the fuck are you doing?” Leon asked her.

“Ouch.” She became overly dramatic as she tried her best to think of an excuse as to why she was standing at the door. Relief was quickly replaced with fear as she stared up at Leon, holding her right arm inside of her left hand. Although she wasn’t injured, she was going to lead him to think so.

“I asked you a question.”

He yanked her “injured” arm from her left hand and twisted it behind her back. While it was only a cover up at first, she was now in pain. The fact that Leon would even try to inflict anymore pain on her baffled her. Saydee had wanted to ask many times if hurting her brought him pleasure. Because his violence was so constant, she wondered if it excited him in some way.

“What the fuck were you doing?” he asked again.

“I… Leon, please can you let it go?”

Saydee was in pain, and she could barely even respond to his question because of it. Upon mention, Leon contorted her arm in an even more displeasured way. Saydee wanted to holler out badly, but her pride wouldn’t let her. For years, she’d loss it. In fact, he’d beaten her so much that she had forgot that she even had any. Within a matter of seconds, it was restored. For Saydee, at that moment, she knew that things were changing.

“Bitch! I asked you a motherfucking question. Don’t tell me what to do!” he barked. Spit flying from his mouth and into her face.

Behind his handsome shell, Leon was a monster. Even his soft eyes couldn’t hide his malicious ways anymore. His blemish free skin was probably crawling with creepiness on the other side. Saydee could almost bet that his heart was cold, and without feeling.

“I need more pads, and I have some in the car.” Saydee thought of a quick lie.

Luckily, she always kept a small bag with a pair of changing clothes, sanitary napkins, and other items that women needed in emergency cases. Hopefully Leon brought it. From the way that he was loosening his grip on her arm, she could tell that he had.

“Answer me the first time I ask you a question. I don’t want to have to ask again.” He shoved Saydee to the ground by the arm that he had been holding.

As her body crashed against the marble flooring, the pain that she’d already been feeling doubled. Biting her lip, she attempted to hold in her scream. A muffled sound fought it way through her lips, and she wanted to beat her own ass.

Saydee was tired. Tired of all the energy that Leon constantly badgered her for. He didn’t have the right to see her fold under his command anymore. Knowing that he must’ve fed off of it, she wanted him to starve.

“Now, get the fuck up and go get me my bag.” He demanded.

To keep down the commotion, Saydee slowly removed herself from the ground and went to tend to Leon’s needs. As she charted the steps, once again, she held her side in an attempt to shift the pain. Unfortunately, it wasn’t working. Pushing through, she took each step carefully.

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