To Love and to Lose(9)

By: Mercy B

“Hurry the fuck up. I ain’t got all day.”

“Well why don’t you come and get your shit yourself!” Saydee didn’t voice it, but she screamed the thought in her head. There were so many times that she’d back talked Leon, just not verbally. She knew that in order to make things go a bit swifter, she needed to hold her tongue.

“Okay.” She answered, still taking her precious time. She wasn’t doing it out of spite. Her body just wasn’t having it. Already, she was fraught with the thought of having to walk back down the stairs, and she had yet to even make it up them.

Once inside of the bedroom, Saydee ambled to their closet. On the floor sat Leon’s gym bag. He was a very fit man, and he often visited the gym. Saydee knew that more than exercising went on during gym time, though. On many occasions, she’d found women underwear in Leon’s gym bag. Once before, she’d even found a pair of pink gym pants.

As crushed as Saydee should have been, she was actually happy that someone was occupying Leon’s time, keeping him from coming home and turning into the incredible hulk. Saydee lived for the moments that Leon was away. Whenever she was home alone, she felt a sense of relief. She didn’t have to walk on eggshells, and still worry about getting punched or worst.

The only task that she found pleasure in from Leon was his sexual abilities. Saydee believed that his bedroom boom was the reason that she’d been subjected to his madness for so long. Her craving for his body was ridiculous. Through all the pain that he would cause her, during sex, none of it signified. Leon had a way of erasing her memory of whatever it was that had gotten them both upset.

Saydee believed that he had magical powers, because in a snap, she’d be crawling at his feet. Both parties would yarn for each penetration as they fondled with one another’s parts. Leon could eat Saydee into a coma, and she lived for those moments. The moments that he let his tough exterior rest, and became vulnerable, just as she always was. At that point, they were in sync, and they correlated.

Hair pulling, neck biting, screaming, and deep penetration was needed in order for them to connect. Back arching, ass slapping, and sweet whispered nothings were used to transmit the feelings that Leon held for Saydee. Slurping, sliding, and deep throating made a sucker out Leon. His most tender times came from making love to Saydee. She could bring the bitch out of him.

Grabbing the bag, Saydee threw it over her shoulder. “Ahhhh!” she screamed as a sharp pain soared through her arm and through her side. Grabbing ahold of the arm, Saydee prayed that the pain would subside. WIthing a few seconds, her prayer was answered. “Thanks God.” She whispered. He’d been her savior way too many times.

“Saydee!” she heard Leon yell from the foyer.

“Coming.” She yelled back, without a hint of base in her voice. At this point, she just wanted to get him going as soon as she could.

Once back down the stairs, she walked over to Leon and handed him his bag. In an attempt to walk off, she was pulled back by her aching arm. Biting her lip, she held back the tears that threatened to fall. Saydee wondered what it could be, now. Her emotions were beginning to cloud her eyes in the form of tears. Desperately, she just wanted him to leave. If she never asked God to do anything else for her, she wanted him to remove him from her presence immediately.

“Saydee,” he yanked. A single tear fell from Syadee’s eye, and she hurriedly wiped it with her free arm. “Saydee, I’m sorry.” He pulled her into his hardened chest. Squeezing her body close to his, he engulfed her with his frame. Saydee was near collapsing from the overwhelming pain that she was experiencing. She became light headed, as more tears rolled. “I’ll be back later. I’m going to make this up to you.” Leon removed her from his arms and turned to leave.

Once more, relief washed over Saydee. A calm came over her. Again, God had answered her prayers. Saydee watched as Leon headed out, because she’d be right behind him. Before he could step his foot out of the door good, Saydee’s cell rung in her pocket. Fear kept her frozen in place.

Nearly pissing her pants, Saydee dreaded the look on Leon’s face as he turned around. Continuously, her cell chimed, notifying her that she had an incoming call. Her heart rated sped as Leon drew closer. Once he was upon her, he reached into her pocket and retrieved her cell. Sliding the bar over, he answered the phone.

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