Too Big To Fit!(Taboo Incest Bundle)

By: Jenny Skynn

“Let’s play a game!” my mom shouted, startling all of us. We had been on the road for 7 hours, 400 miles. We were all tired, all hungry, and all not in the mood to play one of my mom’s games. My stepfather and I both groaned, my step brother laughed. He and I were in the back seat of the car, sitting close to each other with a blanket over our bodies. Partly because it was cold, partly to conceal his hand from our parents, as it slithered up my leg and brushed past the fabric of my skirt, on its way towards my hot, wet little pussy.

“Or we could sing!” my mom continued, oblivious to the fingering that was happening just inches away from her. My breaths quickened as Jake’s fingers traced the outline of my pussy lips through my white cotton panties, his strong touch more than a match for my quivering little cunt. I bit my lip and shuffled myself further towards the edge of the seat, further towards his hand. I started to blush as his thumb pressed against my swollen clit, gasping, then quickly coughing to cover up my excitement as his middle finger probed my entrance, stroking my lips, stoking my fire. “How about B-I-N-G-O?”

“How about “G-O-D-N-O”, my stepfather whispered, loud enough for all of us to hear. As laughter filled the car I used the moment to slide my hand underneath the blanket, towards Jake’s groin. His cock was straining to escape his jeans, I could feel his stiffness through the fabric. We looked at each other and smiled as my nails scraped against his thick meat, feeling it pulsate as I touched it. I ran my fingers towards his zipper, carefully and slowly pulling on it, before reaching through the fabric of his underwear until my flesh touched him. My pussy so wet as he inched his fingers further into me, my neck and face flushed as I widened my legs further, my eyes beginning to roll as he used his thumb on my clit. I had no idea how long I would be able to keep this up, as my brother slid his fingers further into me, as his hand went knuckle deep into my pussy I felt myself getting wetter and wetter, my desire to fling back the blanket, grab his hand and hold it against my tits, and open my mouth to go down on him grew stronger and stronger.

“We should probably stop soon” my mom said, as she peered at her phone. “According to this we’ll be going through a small town with a couple of hotels in about 10 minutes, but after that there’s nothing for about an hour. What do you think kids? Ready to get out of the car?”

She looked to the back seat, where above the blanket all looked peaceful and perfectly normal. My brother kept a straight face as he nodded at my mom, all while I continued to stroke his hard cock with my tiny, undetectable movements. I too murmured, my face gaining in color, Jake’s fingers lightly circling my clit, grabbing onto my thigh, bathing in my juices. As my mom turned back to look at her phone Jake pulled his hand out from underneath the blanket, licked his fingers, and smiled at me.

“We can stop” he said, winking. “I could go to bed pretty soon.”

We have been a family for about 6 years now. Jake and I are the same age, now 18, my mom and his dad grew close after meeting at a support group from single parents. My biological father had cheated on mom when I was a newborn and had run away to live with his new girlfriend in Alabama, Jake’s mom had died of cancer when he was 6 years old. Both parents had given a large chunk of their lives to raising their kids, and we were both delighted when they found each other.

Not least because that meant that we’d each have a new sibling.

I was just 10 years old when I first laid eyes on Jake. His dad and my mom had just started dating and I was newly aware of what romance and lust even were. Before she first went on a date I didn’t think that my mom was anything other than a ‘mom’, certainly not someone who would want to be close to a man - to have sex with a man.

That soon changed. Not long after they starting to date I gained my first few lessons in sex, listening first in horror, then in interest as the paper thin walls that separated our bedrooms gave little privacy. My mom would screech in orgasmic pleasure as her boyfriend fucked her, the sound of the headboard smacking against the wall punctuated by her groans and moans. As I began to find my own body I would sit in my bed, touching myself as I listened to them fuck, while Jake lay in the spare room that he’d occupy whenever our house was chosen as the destination for the evening. My fingers would run across my tits, teasing myself as I heard my mom gagging on cock, my pussy aching to be filled as I pictured her bent over, being prodded by the apparently huge, thick girth of my soon to be stepfather.

In between my masturbation marathons, I started to hang out with Jake and found that we had a lot more in common than the fact that our parents were fucking each other. We liked the same TV shows, we liked the same books. We shared a lot of our things with each other, and quickly developed an almost sibling like relationship. We were both only children and had both been jealous of kids in our schools that had brothers and sisters, and we both jumped on the chance to foster a relationship.

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