Top Dog MPREG Complete Series

By: Angel Knots

M_M Gay Paranormal Shifter Romance


~ Prologue ~

I arched my hips up, shoving my fist into my mouth as I came. I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t be doing this. Something was definitely wrong.

I had worked for four years to complete my degree, exhausting myself by working two jobs while taking a full load of classes. I was the boy nobody wanted: orphaned and abandoned, I’d grown up in the foster care system where no one cared whether I succeeded or failed at life.

Maybe it would have been different if I was more aggressive, if I’d learned to speak up for myself, but that just wasn’t me. At eighteen I’d been shoved out on my own by a system that didn’t care whether I made it or not. I doubt any of the foster families I’d been with or even my case worker realized that I’d done well enough to earn a scholarship. That’s okay, though. I didn’t need to brag about it. I was just happy to have somewhere to go.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my bachelor’s degree after graduation, but it still represented far more to me than just a piece of gilded paper. It would be proof that I hadn’t just fallen through the cracks. That I’d done something with myself, and that maybe I could find a place in the world where I mattered. Maybe even someone who I mattered to.

It had been an exhausting four years, but now my goal was finally within reach — my graduation with honors was virtually guaranteed as long as I passed my last exam. The exam that had started ten minutes ago.

I stared at the clock with horrified eyes as my fist continued to pump up and down over my throbbing cock. I knew I was in danger of flushing everything I’d worked so hard for down the toilet… but I couldn’t make myself stop.

I was laying on top of my twin bed in the shitty apartment I’d rented a few blocks from campus, making up for a lifetime of celibacy as I entered my fourth hour of non-stop jerking off. I couldn’t pull my hand off of my rock hard cock. It’s not that I didn’t want to. I literally couldn’t.

Before today, I had never even felt sexual arousal. At 22, a part of me had known that my lack of a sex drive was definitely weird, but it just hadn’t bothered me much. When I’d bothered to think about it at all, I’d just assumed that between working two jobs to make up for what the scholarship didn’t cover and my heavy class schedule, simple exhaustion was responsible for my lack of libido.

And then, this morning, that had changed. I’d woken up with a hard on — not just a good-morning-I-have-to-pee-woody — but a raging, throbbing, insistently pulsing cock that I couldn’t ignore. I had opened my eyes from a dream I couldn’t remember to find the front of my boxers soaked with pre-cum, and my hand already inside, wrapped around my smooth shaft. To my horror, it felt like even my ass was weeping, with the inside of my shorts coated in some sort of slick musk.

Even though I’d never touched myself in that way before, my hand seemed to know exactly what to do. I instinctively started stroking, straining, panting as I worked toward a release that I was suddenly frantic for.

I made myself come again and again, coating my stomach in warm ropes of sticky white cum, but each orgasm only left me more frustrated and unsatisfied… and immediately hard again. Tears leaked from my eyes, but I couldn’t make myself stop.

I couldn’t believe this was really me — desperately rolling around on the bed coated in my own jizz, moaning and gasping, but still unable to find any real relief. I needed something, and whatever it was, I wasn’t getting it by jerking myself raw.

But still, I couldn’t stop.

~ Chapter One ~

It had been a week since I’d missed my final exam due to my marathon masturbation session. Thankfully my professor had let me make it up, but my cock had been raw for days, and I’d been tense and irritable for a full week.

I’d finally made myself come to the clinic to get checked out, even though I couldn’t imagine anything more embarrassing than admitting what I’d done to myself. The driving urgency that had consumed me had finally ended, and I hadn’t touched myself since… but what if it happened again?

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