Trouble Rising

By: Emme Rollins

Tyler and Katie's Story #3

Trouble Rising - Book Description

He’s mine. I married the sexiest rock star on the face of the planet. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t want my man, because he doesn’t just make guitars moan and g-strings vibrate--Tyler Cook can play me all night long, with the hottest licks I can handle.

And I’m his. He owns me completely, body and soul. I’ve never met another man who could turn me inside out and upside down the way he does, and now that I have him, I’m never letting him go.

We’ve been through hell and back again, more than once. We’ve stumbled, we’ve faltered, we’ve gone reeling into chaos, but somehow, so far, we’ve managed to stay on our feet.

This time, the secrets are so deep, there may be no bottom.

Turns out, falling down is easy. It’s getting back up that’s the hard part.

Chapter One

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find out that Trouble was breaking up in Variety, but somehow, it surprised me anyway.

I sat there, staring at the words, with the sinking realization that when it came to Tyler and his secrets, I seemed to always be the last one to know. Then I saw the byline.

Alisha McKenna.

I should have known.

The little redhead with the great big green eyes and the great big silicone tits who had been begging for an interview from Tyler since before we were even married. He’d always been partial to redheads, hadn’t he? I remember, the roadies said something snide about that once. So what had made Tyler finally grant Alisha McKenna an interview?

Not just an interview, I thought, blinking at the headline—Trouble’s in Trouble: Is The Ultimate Boy Band Breaking Up?—but the scoop of the goddamned century. At least in the entertainment world. This wasn’t just news. This was a front-page, oh-em-gee, did-you-hear, mind-blowing story that was about to send every girl from the ages of twelve to twenty-something into palsied fits of downright insanity.

Including me.

Trouble’s breaking up?

I mean, I knew, probably more than anyone else, that Trouble was in trouble. Tyler was exhausted, trying to keep up with the band and taping the Album series on top of it. He’d won two Emmys for the show on HBO—the critics loved it and the fans loved it even more. For the first time since Trouble’s inception, lead guitarist Tyler Cook had surpassed lead singer Rob Burn’s popularity in teen ’zine polls.

My husband had finally become a true teen heartthrob, instead of just “the other cute one” in Trouble—the number one rock-slash-pop-slash-boy-band, depending on who you asked. Tyler’s brother, lead singer Rob Burns, had always been the front man, the center of attention, the one in the spotlight. Now Tyler was giving him a run for his money, a fact Rob claimed he didn’t mind, although secretly, I think he did, at least a little bit.

But if Tyler left the band, Rob wouldn’t have to worry about his younger brother hogging the spotlight anymore, would he?

It wasn’t like Tyler hadn’t talked about it. We’d had long, heartfelt conversations into the night about Tyler leaving Trouble, the pros and cons, all the implications and ramifications, from big to small and back again. We’d tossed it like a ball, back and forth between us, a game of hot potato, neither of us wanting to be left holding a decision that would affect not only our lives, but everyone we knew.

Apparently, Tyler had finally decided to decide.

Without me.

I couldn’t believe it. But it was true. The headline glared back at me, defiant, black and white. Tyler had told Alisha McKenna what he’d decided to do. Alisha-bottomless-cleavage-McKenna. He’d called and she’d printed. I was left entirely out of the loop.

My phone buzzed on the table and I turned it over to see Sabrina’s name come up on the display. Had my best friend in the world read the article? Of course she had. And she was calling to find out if I’d known. That would be the first question out of her mouth—Katie, did you know about this? What’s going on? And what would I say? What could I say.

I had no idea.

I’m his goddamned wife, and I had no idea.

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