True Deceptions (True Lies)(101)

By: Veronica Forand

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Thanks to Jim, Sophia, and Vivienne. Being the family of a writer is not easy. I tend to ignore the dishes, the laundry, and meal preparation while I’m struggling with a story, and my thoughts are often in another dimension thinking about fictional people and events. I love you guys more than words can say.

Thanks to Candace Havens, my editor, for your amazing assistance in polishing this manuscript from a good story into a great one.

Kate Forest, Betty Bolté, and Susan Scott Shelley are the best critique partners ever. Thanks for the support.

A shout out to my agent Michelle Grajkowski for guiding me through this crazy business.

And a special thanks to all the fans who loved Simon in “Untrue Colors” and asked for his story to be told.

Also By Veronica Forand

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