Veer (Clayton Falls)

By: Alyssa Rose Ivy


As always, this book would not have been possible without the support of my family. Thank you especially to Grant for your endless encouragement and faith in my writing. Thanks to Jennifer Snyder for being both a wonderful friend and writing partner. Thanks to Karen Allen of Red Adept for another fantastic editing experience. Thanks to Kristina Scheid for a great proofread. Thanks to all of the bloggers who have helped spread the word about my books, and of course, thank you to all of my readers for giving me the opportunity to share my stories with you.

Chapter One


There were no warning signs. The car just went from running, to a slow sputter, and then completely dead. Luckily I was able to coast the car over to the shoulder. Thank goodness for the little things in life.

Fishing my phone out of my purse, I prayed for service. Two bars. It would be enough. I dialed Molly. She’d come get me. I waited for the call to go through, but nothing happened. I hung up and tried again. Nothing. I couldn’t hold off the first hint of panic.

The sun descended quickly, and I was stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Hitting Molly’s number again, I waited, but got only more dead air. I considered getting out of the car to see if I got better service, but that seemed too much like what would happen in a horror movie. Girls in those kinds of movies always did stupid things like getting out of their cars.

I sat for another few minutes, contemplating my options. An SUV pulled up behind me. I stiffened. Was this going to be help or just someone using my car breaking down as an excuse to kill me?

As I sat there freaking out about the possibilities, I heard a knock on my window. My heart just about jumped out of my chest. Hesitantly, I looked up and saw a tall hulk of a man right outside the car. He gestured with his hands for me to open the door. I shook my head no. This guy was huge. There was no way I was opening the door.

He nodded, held up a finger as if telling me to wait, and disappeared. I waited, wondering what he was up to and whether I could find any sort of weapon. I settled for closing my fist around the small container of mace I kept in my bag.

I heard another rap on the window and glanced over. The man held a badge up for me to read. He was a cop. Of course anyone could fake a police badge, but that seemed extreme even for my imagination. I decided to take a chance and open the door.

Before I could even open it all the way, the guy ducked his head down to talk to me. “Having car trouble?”

I tried to appear more confident than I really felt. “Yeah, it looks that way.”

“I can take a look at it for you, but honestly, I’m not great with cars. I’m guessing by the Massachusetts plates that you’re not from around here.”

“No, I’m not.” Cop or not, I wasn’t going to give him more information than I had to.

“Where are you headed?” He squatted down, making eye contact. He was good at this—yeah, he was really a cop.

“Umm, Clayton Falls?” I looked down at the Google directions I’d printed out in case my GPS failed. Molly hadn’t talked much about her town, so the name still sounded foreign on my tongue.

“Clayton Falls, huh?”


“You wouldn’t happen to be Molly’s friend, would you?” A faint smile played on his lips. It gave him an almost boyish look that was at odds with his size.

How’d he know? “Yes…”

“I’m a friend of hers.” He held out his hand. “Gavin Powell.”

“You’re Gavin? The Gavin?” Molly had told me about her near fling with the hot cop in her hometown, but I thought she’d exaggerated his good looks and size.

He smiled. “So you’ve heard about me? As far as I know, I’m the only Gavin.”

I remembered my situation. Not the time to flirt. “Is there any way you can help me get through to her? My phone isn’t working.”

“Yeah, service is iffy out this way. Why don’t I give you a lift? I’ll take care of getting your car towed.” He leaned in closer, his body heat making an already warm evening hotter. His brown hair was messy, and I had a feeling he never really bothered to fix it. His friendly hazel eyes begged me to trust him, but I couldn’t.

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