Walk Me Down

By: HJ Bellus

Chapter 1


Today’s the day, the biggest day of my life, high school graduation. It’s just hours away. I can’t wait to walk across that stage into my adulthood. First, I have to make it through my Valedictorian speech without puking or crapping in my pretty, little panties. Rhett promised me he would keep me focused from the audience.

Rhett is the love of my life. I’m only eighteen, but I know that Rhett’s my forever. I’m leaving my childhood and hometown behind to be with him while he chases his dreams. We’re making a road trip across the country because he earned a full ride scholarship to play football at Boise State. He was just named the top high school quarterback in the nation, and he’s all mine.

My momma has been shedding tears since the day I told her I would be leaving the day after graduation. Her tears of pain have had no effect on my decision. I love my momma and my dad, but Rhett is my everything.

We were the homecoming king and queen every year of high school, even our freshmen year. Yes, we will be the power couple that will walk the red carpet one day at the ESPYs. He took my virginity in the back of his truck and slipped a promise ring on my finger the very next day. I gave my first blowjob to him in the same truck. We’ve been inseparable all through high school. He’s the sugar to my tea and everything in between.

I look around my very bare room, as I put the finishing touches on my hair. The walls were once filled with boy band posters, prom pictures and Rhett. My canopy bed and pink comforter have all vanished leaving just the bare framework of my bed. You couldn’t even tell that a spoiled, little girl grew up in this room. I packed it all up and stuffed my cherished memories into Rhett’s truck yesterday.

My mother’s sobs are now echoing from her room. She is so overreacting to me leaving with Rhett. She wanted me to stay in Tennessee and go to her Alma Mater, the University of Tennessee. Momma and Dad met at Tennessee and bled white and orange. My older sister, Tommie, and I were basically born in orange Tennessee onesies and sang the fight song from the age of two. My parents are season ticket holders and Daddy would drag his little girls to every game dressed in school colors. I basically had a permanent-temporary orange T pasted to my cheek growing up.

Tommie, crushed my parents’ dreams when she went off to school in Texas and has since become a veterinarian. My dad was proud, but momma was so damn stubborn and had way too much flamboyant pride to admit her approval. She wanted her girls to stay in her home state of Tennessee, marry a country club boy and be the perfect little housewives. You could call her old fashion and vain to a point. My momma is beautiful and always dresses to supreme perfection. Tommie was more than Momma could handle. She was a tomboy who loved dirt, animals and grease. She is Daddy’s daughter.

On the other hand, I’m my momma’s daughter. I’ve always been her little pageant queen, making her proud with my perfectly fit body, tan skin and always flawless hair. Yes, I have her genes and talent to make it look damn good. I know that I’m beautiful. My parents have always made sure that I have the best of everything. Only name brands for me. Momma has dressed and groomed me with her love for the last eighteen years. It’s now my time and not even my momma is going to stop me from leaving with Rhett.

Momma’s really going to throw a hissy fit when I inform her that Rhett is picking me up for graduation. I’m hoping for a quickie in the truck on the way to the high school auditorium. I need something to calm my nerves before my Valedictorian speech. I have a little black dress on under my scarlet red gown and killer Louis Vuitton red high heels Momma bought. I bought an extra sexy, lacy thong and bra to wear under my dress. It’s going to be Rhett’s present later. We made plans to visit the lake one last time after graduation. Only about four hours until I’m under Rhett at the lake one last time before we flee into our future together.

Waltzing downstairs, I take in the sight and smell of my home for one of the last times. Daddy’s sitting in his suit at the table reading a sports magazine. I’ll miss the sight of him at that table. He’s always there when you need him no matter the time, always willing to fork over his credit card without question when I want a new pair of high heels or a designer pair of jeans. He knew momma wanted me to be dressed the best. The man truly loves his girls with his whole heart and bank account.

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