War (Romanian Mob Chronicles Book 5)(67)

By: Kaye Blue

I’d wanted those words, dreamed of them, but now my emotions were a jumbled mess inside my chest. Words left me, and there was only emotion now, joy that threatened to send me toward him while fear and self-preservation kept me grounded.

I paused, searched his face for something, and used the time to center myself for what would be the most important conversation of my life.

“You told me he didn’t exist. You had a change of heart,” I said, my voice as confused and tortured as my emotions but at least working.

“I wanted to, but more than anything, I want to be with you. You remember when you told me you trusted your gut?” he asked.

I nodded, stupid hope rising in my chest.

“That’s what I’m doing here. I’m trusting my gut and yours, and it tells me I should be with you,” he said.

“Priest…” I started, then cut off. “Nikolai…”

He must have heard the wariness in my voice, the desperate need to want to believe him, and the worry I couldn’t take it if he tried to kill my hope again. Worry that he couldn’t be my Nikolai.

“I’m him, Milan,” he said, his eyes on mine, deep, dark, sparkling with emotion. “And I love you. I’ve never loved anyone, Milan, but I love you.”

Everything I had believed in my understanding of the world had changed, but the thing that had never led me wrong, the thing that had guided me, told me he was the one I was meant to be with. He truly was my Nikolai.

So I would, as I always had, trust in that. Give my heart fully to him and trust that it, that he wouldn’t let me down.

“I love you, Nikolai,” I said.

I went to him, kissed him.

And as he kissed me back, pulling me tightly to him, I knew that no matter where we were, as long as we were together, I had a home with him forever.

* * *

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