Watched:Volume 2 (Watching)

By: Bethany James

He reads it out loud, “Dear Celia and Jack, you guys rushed out so quickly we didn’t have a chance to thank you for helping make one of our fantasies come true. We hope that you both enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

There’s also another reason for this note. No pressure but, we were curious if someday, we could watch you . . .”

“They want to what?” I interrupt, pulling his hand to me so I can see it.

He chuckles, holding the note for me as I hurriedly scan it. I cannot ignore the thrill that blooms within me as my mind is filled with images. Instead of Elle and Drew on that bed, it’s Jack fucking me while they watch. I shake my head in an attempt to banish them.

“That’s crazy,” I stammer as soon as I’m done with the note.

Jack shrugs and my mouth drops. “You do think that’s crazy right?”

He lets go of the note and turns till he’s facing me, his hand lifting up to cup my cheek. “You have no poker face baby.”

My mouth drops as my eyes drift back to the note.

His thumb slides over my skin in a gentle caress and my eyes move back to his blueish hazel ones. “Whatever you want to do, I’ll do.”

I swallow the lump in my throat. “You’d be okay with them watching us?”

He holds my gaze. “I’ve known Drew and Elle a long time. I’ve also seen how excited they get when they know someone is watching them. Nothing turns me on more than watching you get excited. If being watched is something you’d like to explore I’ll do it.”

“You’d do that for me?” I ask.

He tugs me into his lap, his arms circling me. “It’s not like being with you is a hardship.”

I press my lips to his and wrap my arms around his neck. There is nothing like the comfort of him holding me tight.

My eyes flutter open when I break our kiss. “The idea excites me but I’m not sure I could ever feel comfortable enough to actually have someone watch us.”

He nods, his face dropping until his lips find my neck. “I don’t need anything but you.”

My nose stings and wetness hits my eyes as I hurriedly blink away the happy tears that threaten.

He lifts his head, his face softening at my reaction. “When is your lease up baby?”

The implication of his question is too much for me and one tear escapes.

He gently kisses it away and I answer him. “In just over three months.”

My voice is breathy and thick with emotion.

“I want you to move in with me.”

I want to argue with him and try to be logical. We’ve only known each other a couple of months. I can’t ignore the fact that I’m practically living here already though.

“I have to give thirty days notice if I’m not renewing my lease.”

He lifts his brows in a silent plea for me to continue.

“So, we can try it on a trial basis for the next two months.”

His face splits in a wide grin. I squeak as he pushes me onto my back and kisses me fully and deeply. The note from Elle and Drew forgotten as Jack enthusiastically lets me know how much he likes the idea of me moving in, twice.

It’s not until later, after Jack leaves for work that I reread their note. I can’t deny I’m curious. Watching Elle and Drew today was a hundred times hotter than that first time at Jack’s club. It was more intimate and full sensory.

I rub my hand across the back of my neck, lifting my hair off of my shoulder. I drop the note on the bedside table and head toward Jack’s bathroom in search of a hair tie. Staring at my reflection, I pull my hair up and into a messy bun. My hands drop once my hair is up but I continue to watch my reflection, wondering why Elle and Drew would want to watch us.

The first time we met Elle called me gorgeous. Was she being polite or did she mean it? I gulp, lifting Jack’s t-shirt until I can see my panties in the mirror. I turn, moving my hands to lift the back of his shirt until I can see the rounded curve of my ass and the hint of cheek exposed by the cut of my panties.

Would my body turn them on the way their bodies did for me? In a rush I pull his shirt off over my head. I tilt my head as my eyes skim over my naked breasts. They are full and round but not as big as Elle’s. I reach up to cup them, gently squeezing them. With my eyes locked to my reflection I imagine them watching me.

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