We Both Can't Be Bae 2(10)

By: Twyla T

After they finished eating breakfast, Malcolm handed Cameron a small white box with a red bow on top. Pure shock was displayed on her face because she didn’t expect anything from him and she damn sure didn’t buy him anything. She almost felt bad about putting the milk of magnesia in his juice. Almost. “Open it,” he said. Cameron opened the box and pulled out a car key. “Come outside,” Malcolm said. She got up and followed him outside and spotted a brand new Camaro. This one was yellow instead of black. She faked excitement because she did not care for such a bright colored car. I’m trading this in for another black one or having it painted as soon as he leaves, she thought to herself. Malcolm started rambling about all of the features the car had. “I bet you had a tracking device installed in it too,” Cameron said more than asked. Malcolm ignored her and continued rambling which pretty much confirmed her suspicions. Cameron was getting cold so she told him thank you and headed back into the house. Kingston had started back playing with his toys, not missing them at all.

Once everyone was dressed and ready to walk out the door about an hour later, Malcolm grabbed his stomach and took off running to the bathroom. Cameron laughed to herself. After about fifteen minutes had passed she was frustrated and ready to go so she started fussing. Malcolm told them to go on and he would drive his car. Cameron wasn’t disappointed with that news at all. She grabbed gifts that she had bought for her parents and walked out of the door with Kingston following behind. She hopped into the driver’s seat of her brand new whip and adjusted the settings to her preference. Once all of that was done, she took off.

When she made it to her parent’s house, she greeted them both with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They opened their gifts and were very happy. Her mom had been talking about getting a Keurig for about three months, but never found the time, so Cameron got her one and had it personalized. She also got her a leather jacket and rose-gold Rolex. Her dad absolutely loved Lowe’s so she got him a gift card, a leather jacket, and a gold Rolex. Stacking up Keith’s money had helped her buy some nice Christmas gifts. Both of them were pleased. They bought Kingston more toys than he needed and more clothes. “These toys are staying here because he has enough at home,” Cameron told her parents. When they handed Cameron her gift, she was surprised because she had begged them not to buy her anything. “Open it, but don’t pull it out of the box,” her dad told her. Cameron was hesitant, but eventually did as she was told and looked up at both of them in surprise. “You need it,” her mom told her. The box held a Smith and Wesson .38 Special. “Thank you guys so much. I hope I don’t have to use it though,” she told them with sincerity. Getting a gun had been something she wanted to do since Malcolm had scared the shit out of her with his, but she was afraid of what she might do if one was in her possession when something popped off. She got up and went to put her gun in the car under the seat.

Everyone was sitting around watching TV and reminiscing when they heard a car pulling up. After a couple of minutes, Malcolm and Charlotte walked in at the same time. Cameron jumped up at the sight of her sister. “YOU TRIFLING BITCH,” Cameron screamed. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Cameron charged toward Charlotte, but both their mom and dad stepped between the two. “I DIDN’T DO SHIT!!” Charlotte screamed back, not backing down from Cameron. “How do you know I did anything? You got proof?” Charlotte continued. They yelled back and forth at each other until their mom broke down and started crying. “You girls are gonna have to calm down because you’re upsetting your mother,” their dad said sternly. They both calmed down when they looked at their mother after hearing their dad speak so harshly. Cameron still couldn’t understand why her sister betrayed her the way she had. She knew she had to get out of there before she made things worse. What the fuck did I do to her? Thank God I took the gun to the car already, she thought to herself. Cameron walked outside then walked right back in. “You two rode here together?” Cameron asked Malcolm and Charlotte. “She stopped by the house to talk to you and I told her you were already gone to your parents and she could ride with me up here,” Malcolm said.

“I’ll be back later mom and dad,” Cameron said and left. She wanted to bust a cap in both Charlotte and Malcolm’s asses so she knew she had to get out of there immediately, and that’s exactly what she did.

She checked her phone when she got in the car. Malcolm was calling and she declined his call. Three more calls in a row came from him while she checked her text messages and she declined every one of them.

Shay: Merrrryyyy Christmas y’all!!!!

Sonya: Merry Christmas!!!

Toya: Merry Christmas heauxs!!!!

Shay: Y’all still coming to the chocolate party tomorrow?

Toya: Yep! Unless you done backed out.

Sonya: Yeah I should still be able to come.

Shay: I gotta find something to wear

Toya: Why you always the last one to find something to wear? And you the one who invited us so you’ve known the longest?

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