We Both Can't Be Bae 2(2)

By: Twyla T

Cameron was lying on the floor numb; not able to move. Her thought process was fucked up and her brain couldn’t channel what had just happened. While she was lying there, the only thing she could think about was Malcolm opening up her sister’s door like he was at home. Thoughts entered her mind about how her sister had betrayed her; how she had started confiding in her, only for her to tell Malcolm and Phebe her darkest secrets. She thought about the time Charlotte rode with Malcolm to their parent’s house; the time Kingston said he saw his auntie at the store. She even thought about how uncomfortable Malcolm and Charlotte acted around each other, arguing and acting like they couldn’t stand each other. It all had to be a big front. Her mother had taken the gun but she couldn’t take Cameron’s hands. She hopped off the floor and stormed towards the kitchen. She had no idea where anything was in that house, but she had her mind set on finding Charlotte and beating the fuck out of her.

Cameron screamed Charlotte’s name repeatedly while ignoring her mother’s hysterical cries and pleas. She opened the pantry door, but Charlotte wasn’t there. Cameron walked the other way towards the den and dining room which was connected to the kitchen. She twisted the knob to the door she saw in the den but something was keeping it from opening all the way. It didn’t feel locked so Cameron kicked and kicked it until there were holes in the door and she was able to open it. She had a feeling that’s where Charlotte was, and she was right. She grabbed Charlotte by the hair and pulled her out of the closet, wanting to have full access for the ass whooping she was about to deliver. Charlotte kicked and screamed, but she was no match for Cameron’s rage. All of the built-up anger Cameron held onto for her sister was released and there was nothing their mother could do to stop it. She tried to pull Cameron off of her sister, to no avail. The only thing Charlotte could do was ball up into a fetal position and take what Cameron was dishing out. There were no words that could be said that would make this situation better.

Cameron was fighting and crying uncontrollably and had no idea that Malcolm had come and pulled her off of Charlotte, until she felt him squeezing her arms. She scratched, kicked, and gave him the same treatment she had given Charlotte. She didn’t know that her mom had went and threatened Malcolm by pointing the gun at him, saying that if Cameron killed Charlotte she was going to kill him, so he was forced to come out of the bathroom.

After Malcolm had taken several punches, kicks, and scratches from Cameron, he pushed her off of him to keep from hitting her in front of her mom. Mrs. Miller didn’t like the way he shoved her and pointed the pistol she was holding right at his head. “Don’t you ever put your hands on my daughter again you sick bastard!” Mrs. Miller said to Malcolm.

Three Days Ago

The next morning Cameron woke up with a banging headache, along with being nauseous. She felt like shit. She was barely able to get Kingston ready for school, but that was all. She called and asked one of her cousins to come and pick him up and drop him off for her, and then she got back in bed. She called her boss and left a voice message saying that she was sick and couldn’t make it in today. This was her second time having to call in and she felt terrible about it, but there was no way she could make it to work with how she currently felt.

She went right back to sleep and woke up at about eleven o’clock feeling somewhat better. She rolled out of bed and her phone beeped with a text message. She picked it up and noticed that she had ten missed calls from Keith and several text messages. “I thought he said it was over,” she said while rolling her eyes. She dragged herself to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and got in, with hopes that the hot water would bring her back to herself and relieve some of the nausea.

As soon as she got out of the shower her phone started ringing again. She knew that it was Keith by the ringtone because she hadn’t changed it yet. She wanted to, but couldn’t bring herself to do it because she actually missed him. In the midst of her thoughts, she realized that she hadn’t heard from or called Malcolm back. Strange that he hasn’t called, she thought. Just as she was about to check his text messages from last night, Keith started calling back again. “I thought you said we needed to chill out for a while,” Cameron said, as she answered the phone.

“Look, now is not the time for all that so listen up. I overheard ole girl on the phone with Charlotte. She had it on speaker and it seems like they reconnected or some shit around Thanksgiving. Anyways, your trifling-ass sister gave her Malcolm’s number and she sent him those pictures last night that you sent her,” Keith said. Cameron couldn’t move because she was in shock. “So I don’t know what’s gonna become of all this, but Malcolm knows. Has he called you?” Keith asked.

“He texted me and called but I didn’t answer or check the messages,” Cameron said while finally finding her voice. “You need to be careful bae,” Keith said.

“So now I’m your bae again?” Cameron snapped.

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