We Both Can't Be Bae 2(3)

By: Twyla T

“Look, focus and kill the dumb shit. Be safe and keep in touch. I don’t have a good feeling about this shit,” Keith said. Cameron told him OK and hung up. She glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 11:43. She finally opened Malcolm’s text messages from the night before:




Cameron’s knees went weak. She called Malcolm’s phone but he didn’t answer. She tried again and he still didn’t answer. All of sudden she felt sicker than she had felt earlier. Her phone beeped and she checked it. It was a message from the group chat:

Sonya: Malcolm left from up here about fifteen minutes ago looking for you. I guess he’s trying to surprise you but he looked pissed off. What’s going on?

Cameron didn’t bother replying at the moment. She hurried up and finished slipping on some clothes. She threw on the quickest thing possible which was a pair of skinny jeans that were almost too little and a Hollister tee. Her sneakers were right by the bed so she threw them on without socks. She grabbed her phone, purse and keys and headed for her car. Once she pulled out of the driveway she picked her phone up and texted back:

Cameron: A whole bunch of shit has happened but I don’t have time to text it all right now.

Just as she sent that text, she met Malcolm down the street in a curve, flying. She sped her car up and panicked even more.

Cameron: He’s chasing me. I can’t text and drive this fast. Talk to y’all later.

Cameron sped down the highway, driving ninety plus miles per hour, trying to get away from the lunatic who was chasing behind her. She gripped the steering wheel tight as her heart beat rapidly and tears streamed down her face. She could not believe she had been so stupid and sent those pictures. Not thinking had most definitely backfired on her. One part of her wanted to just let go of the wheel and let her Camaro crash so that this chase would end, however, her sane conscience thought about her son Kingston. Not to mention the child she recently found out she was carrying. With that second thought, she quickly cast her impractical thinking aside and regained her composure. The black car behind her was closing in and all she could do was pray. The expectant mother had ignored the beeping noises until her car began to slow down. She then realized she was running out of gas, but the crash that came from behind sent her car flipping violently off of the highway.

Malcolm had really lost his mind this time. He couldn’t believe what he had just done, but at the same time he wished he could have done more. After he ran Cameron off the road, he didn’t even stop to check on her. He went to the store and made an anonymous 911 phone call saying that someone had just run off the road and their car had flipped a couple of times. He hung up before the operator could ask if he was still on the scene. Malcolm’s car had a few scratches so he decided he would take it and put in the shop to kill time until someone called about Cameron. He got a rental which wasn’t out of the norm because he sometimes rented cars for his trips home from work so no should question that. His plan was to act like he was still at work whenever the call came through. I hope they don’t call my boss since I told him I was going home, he said to himself while trying to figure out a plan.

After he got his story together the phone call came through about Cameron’s accident. He told them that he was actually close to home and would be there as soon as he could. He didn’t know if her parents had been called or how she was doing. Mentally, he was a complete mess.

Malcolm finished off the last beer out of the twelve-pack he had bought before heading to the hospital two hours later. He almost wrecked a couple of times before he got there because he was so out of it. Cars were blowing at him the entire time. Once he got to the hospital and was told that Cameron was in coma, he went ballistic and started cussing the doctors and nurses while telling them that they better save his wife. He told the doctors that he was not leaving her side no matter what. When he saw her parents walk in, he went numb. He had no idea how much they knew and when he saw two police officers walking closely behind them he fainted.

When he woke up he was in a room and the same two officers he saw before he passed out were there. “Mr. Price, how are you feeling?” asked the first officer.

“I…I don’t know. What happened? Where am I?” Malcolm replied, trying to act as if he was still out of it.

“You fainted when you saw us walking toward you,” said the second officer. Malcolm began to fake a hysterical cry as he asked, “WHERE IS SHE?! WHERE IS MY WIFE?! WHAT HAVE Y’ALL DONE TO HER? I NEED MY WIFE!!” The second officer asked Malcolm to calm down several times before he actually did so, but it was obvious that the officer was not falling for Malcolm’s bullshit. “We need to ask you a few questions Mr. Price,” said the first officer. Malcolm immediately began to become defensive, asking the officer, “You think I had something to do with this? WHERE IS MY WIFE?!”

In reality, Malcolm was afraid of what the officers may already know. He began to become fidgety and he broke out into a nervous sweat. The second officer said, “Mr. Price, no one is saying that you had anything to do with what happened to your wife, this is just routine protocol,” while side-eyeing the first officer. Malcolm realized that he needed to calm down and cooperate with the officers to keep the heat off of him. “Go ahead officer, I’m just so stressed out and worried about my wife,” said Malcolm.

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