We Both Can't Be Bae 2(4)

By: Twyla T

“Can you tell us what happened to your wife?” asked the first officer. Malcolm immediately flashed back to the pictures that were sent to him of Cameron and some other man in his bed. He was becoming angry just thinking about it. He thought about how he had called and texted her and how she never answered. He began to think that every single time he called and she didn’t answer was because she was with that man from the pictures. He thought about how quickly he made it home and how he met Cameron in the curve down the street from their house. He internally reminisced about how he turned around and chased her, driving at least ninety miles per hour down the road. He replayed the scene of him ramming his car into the back of her car, causing her to run off of the road and flip at least two times that he knew of, which made him more and more nervous as he began to speak. “All I know is I received a call from someone saying that she was in an accident,” said Malcolm. The second officer asked Malcolm, “Where were you when you got the…”

Malcolm answered before the officer could finish his question, “At work, I was at work and I got here as soon as I could. It took me two hours to get here because I wasn’t too far away.”

“Well, you didn’t even allow me to finish my question but OK Mr. Price. We will be following up with your boss to confirm your route,” the officer said while smirking.

“I… I was actually heading home to surprise my wife and I told my boss I had a family emergency. I get lonely out there on the highway and I was missing my family. I don’t want to get fired so I said I had an emergency but I was going right back to work,” Malcolm said.

“My my my, didn’t that story change up very quickly,” said the same officer, not believing a word that Malcolm was saying.

“I just need to get to my wife. I think she ran off the road trying to kill herself,” Malcolm said while crying hysterically. Both officers were looking at him in disbelief now. They couldn’t charge him off of suspicions so they had no choice but to let him go, however, they advised the medical staff of their suspicions and requested that he be supervised when visiting with his wife.

Cameron’s parents didn’t know the full story yet, but they knew something was terribly wrong from the moment they received the phone call to come to the hospital right away. When Malcolm passed out after seeing the officers, they knew that he had done something to hurt their baby girl. They weren’t allowed in the room while Malcolm was being questioned and Cameron’s dad was about to lose his mind. He was feeling guilty about even introducing his baby girl to that bastard. One of his coworkers he considered to be a friend had told him about Malcolm and he was sold from the very beginning. He never did his own research; he just took the word of his friend.

It was hard for Cameron’s mom to calm her husband down because she was a nervous wreck herself. She slipped away from him and went to the bathroom to make a call that needed to be made. She knew that Keith would want to know about Cameron. Cameron would want him to know and she knew how to get the message to him. She had to make it quick so that she could be by her husband’s side.

Malcolm was in the back with the officers for about fifteen minutes. Those fifteen minutes seemed like a whole hour. The officers walked out and headed towards the elevator and Malcolm walked out about two minutes later. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DAUGHTER, YOU ASSHOLE?” Cameron’s dad screamed while charging toward Malcolm. Her mom tried her best to hold him back but she was no match to the power he had. Cameron’s mom was thankful the officers hadn’t gotten on the elevators and heard all of the commotion. They rushed back and grabbed Cameron’s dad just as he put his hands around Malcolm’s neck. After everything calmed down and the officers separated Malcolm from his father-in-law’s strong grip, they heard a code blue called over the intercom. Everyone panicked and Malcolm passed out again, assuming the code had been called for Cameron.

Three Days Later

Chapter 1

Cameron woke up, but couldn’t figure out where she was. It felt like she had been dreaming for days. Every time she tried to wake up, she just couldn’t. She cried and screamed out loud but nothing ever left her lips. She had been in a coma for three days after she was run off the road and almost killed by her husband. When she finally opened her eyes, she heard beeping noises and panicked, but it didn’t last long because it was a struggle to keep her eyes open.

After stirring for just a few moments, she quickly dozed back off. When the room door opened a little while later, Cameron opened her eyes again and tried to sit up. “Oh my! Mrs. Price, you’re awake!! Don’t try to move just yet sweetie. Doctor..doctor, she’s awake,” a lady said, after pressing a button that was on the right side of the bed. Within seconds, Cameron heard more people coming into the room. They all seemed to be in a rush. Her head was spinning and pounding and she couldn’t think straight or process much of anything. She tried to talk, but was instructed not to do so at the time. “Just relax. You’re going to be just fine, but you have to stay as calm as possible,” they kept saying to her, trying their best to provide comfort.

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