We Both Can't Be Bae 2(45)

By: Twyla T

The ticket number to their food was called so Mr. Miller told her it was nice to meet her. He didn’t want to question Kingston about why he was calling this strange woman granny, but he was sure going to ask his daughter.

Later that night while Mr. Miller was in the back, the doorbell rang. Ding dong…ding dong…ding dong!! Mr. Miller couldn’t get to the door fast enough. Whoever was on the other end was being very impatient. “I’ll get it paw paw,” Kingston said while running towards the front door almost knocking his granddad over. “Wait a second son…” Mr. Miller tried to say, but Kingston had already opened the door. “Well hello little fella, aren’t you just as cute as can be!” said the voice at the door. Charles froze dead in his tracks, not believing he was hearing this voice he hadn’t heard in a few years. “What in the world are you doing here?” Mr. Miller asked.

Just one more ride you guys…one more ride! I can’t thank each of you all enough for sticking with me this far. I was on the edge of my seat while writing and I hope that you were on the edge of your seat while reading. Cameron, Cameron, Cameron…what was she thinking? If there were any questions you had were not answered in this book, I can assure you that you’ll have your answers if you’ll just stay on this rollwer coaster with me a little while longer.

As always, I want your honest feedback. Please leave me a review on Amazon and/ or any of my social media sites and I promise I will read them all. You may also reach me via email at [email protected] . My Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles are @authortwylat. I look forward to hearing from you guysand get ready for the finale…don’t be surprised to see appearances from any of these characters in the future.

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