We Both Can't Be Bae 2(6)

By: Twyla T

“What what kinda loss are y’all talking about?” Malcolm stood up and asked while stuttering.

“Mr. Price, the doctor said he tried to speak with you several times, but you were never in the right state of mind. Your wife lost the baby during the ‘accident’,” the other officer said. Malcolm broke down crying and ran towards the bed and threw his arms around Cameron yelling and screaming. Cameron flinched and the officers noticed. Malcolm was crying so loud that two nurses and the doctor rushed into the room. The nurse who had threatened to put it him out just looked at him with pure disgust. Cameron sat up and tried to push Malcom off of her, but he held on tighter screaming how sorry he was. “What exactly are you sorry for?” one of the officers asked.

“I’m sorry she is having to go through all of this and there’s nothing I can do to fix it,” Malcolm said through tears.

“Maybe you should step outside with me while my partner asks your wife some questions,” one officer said.

“I’m not leaving my wife alone, she needs me,” Malcolm said while becoming angry.

“He straightened up pretty quick,” one of the nurses mumbled sarcastically.

“Mrs. Price, do you remember what happened to you that caused you to be in a coma for three days?” one officer asked. She looked at Malcolm and trembled with fear before answering. The officers, doctor, and nurses all noticed and shifted. “I was trying to dodge something in the road and lost control of my car,” Cameron said quietly, after she sighed and closed her eyes.

The other officer asked, “Are you sure no one was chasing you? We got an anonymous call about someone chasing you, but with no witnesses or your word we don’t have any leads. Did someone run you off the road? Your car was hit from behind,” the officer told her.

“I really don’t remember,” Cameron replied with her eyes still shut tight.

“Y’all heard my wife and y’all are upsetting her so that’s enough,” Malcolm said. The officers really didn’t want to leave, but they didn’t have much of a choice since Cameron wasn’t cooperating. It was clear that she was lying and in fear for her life, but their hands were tied.

“Ma’am, here’s our card. If you can think of anything to help us out, anything at all, please do not hesitate to call. It doesn’t matter the time. Day or night. We don’t believe you tried to kill yourself like someone said,” the officer said while looking at Malcolm. He wanted to lock Malcolm up right then and there, but he couldn’t.

Cameron didn’t know that they had already questioned Malcolm, but they waited to mention the miscarriage in front of him to see how he would react. Cameron rubbed her stomach and told the officers thanks and she would be in touch if she remembered anything. As everyone was leaving, except Malcolm; Toya, Sonya, and Shay walked in. They all had their hands full with balloons, flowers, and candy. They all spoke and asked her how she was doing. “I’m here,” she replied.

“We’ve been trying to come see you forever, but they wouldn’t let us up here until today,” Toya said.

“I lost the baby,” Cameron said sadly while trying to get comfortable. Malcolm broke down crying again. Each of the girls turned and looked at him and he ran out of the room crying. “Thank God his ass finally left,” Cameron said. “I wish y’all could see how he’s been acting up here. He was rude to the officers, nurses, doctors, and even threatened to finish what he started. The nigga even put a pillow over my face. Thank God the nurse walked in or he just might have killed me. He didn’t know I was pregnant so he lost it when he heard them say I lost the baby,” Cameron said.

“Did you tell the cops what happened?” Sonya asked.

“I couldn’t. If y’all would have heard how he was talking and saw the looks he was giving me right in front of the cops, y’all would understand,” Cameron said while trying to fight back tears.

“That nigga is crazy as a road lizard,” Toya said while shaking her head. “Keith called me. He said someone called his dad and told him what happened. He’s been worried sick. He even came up here a few times, he said. Thank God he didn’t run into Malcolm’s crazy ass,” Toya continued.

“Lord lord lord! So what are you gonna do Cam?” Shay asked.

“I really don’t know what choice I have. You see he almost killed me. I believe he will finish the job at any moment now,” Cameron said, failing to fight back tears.

“Damn, this is crazy. I just don’t believe in living in dysfunction. No peace in your own home has got to be the worst,” Toya said while still shaking her head.

“This really is some crazy shit Cam. I hate you’re having to go through all of this,” Sonya said. They all talked for about another hour. When Malcolm walked back into the room, everyone froze. None of them wanted to be around him, but they didn’t want to be rude either. The room was quiet until Malcolm spoke up. “I saw your brother’s friend, baby. You remember the one that you cooked breakfast for? He tried to act like he didn’t remember me, but I reminded him. He said his girlfriend had a wreck too and he’s waiting until some of her visitors leave so he can see her.” Malcolm said. Shay dropped her purse, Sonya’s mouth was wide open, and Toya said, “I think we better get going.” Cameron was just looking crazy and playing dumb. “Keith. His name was Keith. I couldn’t even think of it when I saw him, but I remember now. Maybe I will run into him again,” Malcolm said.

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