We Both Can't Be Bae 2(7)

By: Twyla T

“Get well soon, girl. We will be checking on you,” the girls said and left. No one wanted to say the wrong thing in front of Malcolm, so they just left. They met Cameron’s parents in the hallway on the way out. They had recently finished speaking with the officers and were pissed off at Malcolm. They all talked for about ten minutes until Cameron’s parents were ready to go in and visit with her. “Let us know if you all need help with anything Mr. and Mrs. Miller.” Toya said to them before they walked into Cameron’s room. It would be hard for her dad not to kill Malcolm on sight. If the police wouldn’t have intervened earlier, he would have killed him with his bare hands. He was beginning to hate himself more and more as the days passed for not handling the situation he was faced with better than he did.

Chapter 2

Cameron was released from the hospital three days later. She couldn’t believe the path that her life had taken. After almost an entire week in the hospital, Cameron was relieved to be at her parent’s house. Malcolm wanted her at home, but he didn’t stand a chance when Cameron broke down crying at the hospital in front of her parents saying that she wanted to stay with them until she got better. Malcolm didn’t put up a fight when Cameron’s dad stepped to him. They almost came to blows again, but Malcolm backed down and walked away.

Cameron was banged up pretty bad, but at least she was alive. She suffered from a few bruised ribs, her left shoulder was dislocated but had been popped back into place, and she had frequent headaches that resulted from the concussion. She was already having headaches so this didn’t help her at all. A few other issues were present, but those were the main ones. FMLA was granted from her job and she would be off for the next four to six weeks. The doctor said it would only take about two to three weeks for her to heal, but her boss recommended that she take four to six weeks off. Sonya gathered all of the necessary paperwork and brought it by the hospital for Cameron to sign and that was how she got everything done and sent to human resources.

Mrs. Miller wanted to know every single thing that had been going on once they got settled. Cameron started out by telling her that Charlotte was the one who had been giving Malcolm information on her. She cried and told her about how she had started confiding in her, thinking that she really was becoming close with her big sister like she had always wanted. Cameron was hesitant about telling her mom about her relationship with Keith and also what all led to it, but her mom already knew most of it and wasn’t judgmental. Cameron’s mom had gone and got her a new phone and she tried calling Charlotte several times, but she never answered. Cameron left voice messages cursing her out and even sent text messages but her mom told her to stop and leave it alone. She was torn to know that her daughters would never be close.

Just as they finished up talking, Malcolm walked in. “When are you going back to work?” Mrs. Miller asked him bitterly, while rolling her eyes and not caring at all about being rude.

“I’ll probably go back in couple of days. I’m sorry for everything that has happened, but I do love my wife as much as you love you daughter,” Malcolm said. Mrs. Miller didn’t even reply, she simply got up and walked out of the room. Malcolm sat down on the bed next to Cameron. “I want you to come home,” he told her.

“What difference does it make when you’ll be gone in a couple of days? I’m fine where I am,” she told him. He would never tell her that he had upgraded the alarm system with cameras throughout the house and would be able to watch her every move from his phone. “A wife just needs to be at home where she is supposed to be, not at her parent’s house. This looks crazy. I can take care of you,” Malcolm said.

“Well, my parents are taking good care of me since MY HUSBAND TRIED TO KILL ME,” she screamed at him. She didn’t tell her mom that Malcolm was chasing her, but she had a feeling she already knew the truth, so she didn’t care about her outburst. “It was an accident and I told you I’m sorry,” he told her. Mrs. Miller walked back into the room with a knife in her hand while glaring at Malcolm with hate in her eyes. She stood there about three minutes just staring before she turned and walked back out.

“Look, my head is hurting and I just took some pain medicine so I’m about to take a nap,” Cameron told him and rolled over, silently praying that he would just leave. She didn’t care to even look in his face. Malcolm got up to leave, but his head was spinning, trying to figure out ways to get her home. He was going to have to come up with a plan as soon as possible because he wouldn’t be able to rest until he was able to watch her twenty-four seven.

Cameron woke up from her nap and grabbed her phone. Several text messages were displayed on the screen and also a missed call from Keith. She hadn’t been able to see him yet and her heart was aching. Even though he had broken up with her the day before she was almost killed, she knew he didn’t mean it. They had broken up before and it was becoming an ongoing cycle. She hadn’t been able to talk to him with Malcolm popping in at any minute, but she called him back because she needed to hear his voice. “Hey baby girl, I’m so glad that you’re OK. I gotta see you soon, how you feeling?” He said as soon as he answered.

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