We Both Can't Be Bae 2(8)

By: Twyla T

“Hey bae! I’m OK, I would be better if I could see you,” she said.

“You still with your mom and pops?” He asked.

“Yeah, but Malcolm shows up all the time without warning. He said he’s going back to work in a couple of days,” she told him.

“I can’t wait that long. I’ll be over soon;” he told her and hung up before she could protest.

Cameron didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but her gut told her that he was really going to come. She was nervous because she didn’t know how her mom would act, but she was also excited because she really wanted to see him as bad as he wanted to see her. When she heard a car pull up and back out, followed by a knock at the door about twenty minutes later, she knew that her gut had not lied to her. “I know I shouldn’t be here Mrs. Miller, and I do apologize, but I have to lay my eyes on Cameron,” she heard Keith telling her mom in the kitchen. It sounded like she heard her mom say that she understood, but she wasn’t one hundred percent sure.

She was so happy that her dad was still at work because Keith wouldn’t have been able to walk in her room as easily, or at all, if he would have been at home. Keith walked in the room and Cameron was getting up to meet him, but he told her to get back in bed. He lay down with her and held her as tight as he could. She cried in his arms. “I’m so sorry, baby girl. It’s been killing me that I can’t be here with you, but I’m gonna make it up to you some kinda way. I promise,” he told her.

Keith got up and closed the door and then came back and started kissing on Cameron. “I don’t want you to move, just lay still,” he told her, planting soft and sensual kisses all over her body. Since she only had on a robe he was able to effortlessly get to her body just the way he wanted to. He kissed and sucked her neck then moved on down to her aching breasts. She had her eyes closed, moaning and enjoying every one of his soft kisses and soft touches. He kissed her entire body, trying to make her forget about her pain by giving her the pleasure she so badly needed. When he sucked on her clit, she grabbed a pillow and covered her face trying not to cry out loud. He switched up between licking, sucking, and biting until she came and cried out louder. She was ready for him to penetrate her, but he only wanted to pleasure her. This moment was all about Cameron in his eyes. She begged him to penetrate her several times, but he kept telling her no. Just as he was about to give in, they both heard Malcolm’s voice up front. “Oh shit, I’m gonna die for real,” Cameron said.

“You really think I would let that nigga kill you?” Keith asked while becoming angry.

“He would kill both of our asses. And I heard about you seeing him at the hospital. I was scared as hell, thinking that you would say you were waiting to see me. Go ahead and get in the closet, I’ll try to get him to leave quickly,” she said. As soon as Keith closed the door to the closet, after saying “fuck that nigga,” Cameron jumped back under the covers and Malcolm walked in. “Why you got the door closed?” He asked.

“Is it against the law to take a nap with the door closed? I guess mama closed it anyway,” she said. Cameron got up and was about to walk out of the room when Malcolm grabbed her. She tensed up from his touch. From the closet, Keith had his hand on his heat. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want a kiss and maybe a little bit of that good stuff you got. It’s been so long since I had some. You was keeping it away from me before all this happened anyway,” he told her. There was no way she was about to kiss him or do anything else for that matter, especially with Keith in the closet. “I’m really not in the mood, and you act like I’m just supposed to forget about everything you’ve done; you kill me with that shit,” she told him while rolling her eyes and walking out of the room and towards the bathroom. “I said I was sorry. How many times you want me to apologize?” He asked while following her.

“You just don’t get it do you? You think your half-ass apologies really mean something to me?” She asked. Cameron’s mom walked down the hall, scared out of her mind of what might happen. She knew that Keith was still back there, but she didn’t know exactly where. “Malcolm, you’re gonna have to back off and give her some time,” Mrs. Miller said as nicely as she could, even though she didn’t want to address him at all.

“Do you mind going to the store for me to get some flour so I can fry these pork chops? I can’t believe I don’t have anymore,” she asked him, acting confused like she really didn’t have any flour.

“Sure,” Malcolm replied. He was just happy that she was talking to him without being mean. He would do anything to get back on her parent’s good side. As soon as he left, Cameron went to the back and opened the closet. “You’re gonna have to get out of here before he comes back,” she told Keith.

“I know, I texted my ride already,” he told her. A car pulled up about five minutes later and Keith kissed her goodbye. He told her mom that he was sorry again, but he just had to see Cameron and thanked her for helping them out. Just as they pulled off, Cameron’s dad pulled up. He walked in the house and asked who that was leaving, but neither of them answered quickly enough, so he asked again. “It was one of my friends, daddy. Excuse me but I have to use the restroom,” Cameron said and left the kitchen. She knew her daddy would never be as easy-going as her mom, so there was no way she could tell him what was going on.

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